"DONE" - Re-posting

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"DONE" - Re-posting

Postby cmerrill on Fri Dec 11, 2009 3:51 pm

Need one more pilot
Pick up can be within 100 mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA
drop off location is Witheville, VA

I have a pilot that can transport from Witheville, VA to Peachtree City, GA. Now all Pappy needs is to get to Witheville.

1 to 2 pilots for hands-free transport.
Pappy needs to stay in crate until delivered, so prefer no more than 2 pilots.
Drop-off and pick-up locations are flexible up to 2 hours driving distance for pilot convenience.

Information on dog below:
PLEASE, If you can help with a portion of this transport, maybe someone else can step in on the rest. Pappy doesn't have many options.
Pappy is a beautiful, neutered, male, Papillon, however he is possessive aggressive of his current owner. He has never bitten but shows aggression through growls and the show of his teeth. We are unsure of how he will respond to a stranger leashing him or removing him from his crate, so we hope to make this a hands-free trip. Because of Pappy's 'special' situation, I am willing to drive up into TN or SC to help reduce his crate time.
I am one of the few rescue workers that is willing to take on an 'aggressive' dog. I have had great success in my 16+ years in getting them through their issues and have helped many of them find their forever homes. The ones that cannot be trusted to live in a 'normal' setting stay at my home with me in sanctuary.
Pappy is coming to Georgia to undergo evaluation on his adoptability, and probably behavior modification, before he can be considered for an adoption program. He is up to date on vaccines and will be coming with his own crate.
I know this is a long haul, but need to give this a shot for Pappy's sake.
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Re: Pittsburgh, PA to Witheville, VA - 4th attempt

Postby N60046 on Fri Dec 11, 2009 4:02 pm

Sent you an email.
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