FILLED Pilots needed for Manassas, VA to NH area (1/16,1/17)

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FILLED Pilots needed for Manassas, VA to NH area (1/16,1/17)

Postby vthokienc on Tue Jan 12, 2010 10:34 pm

Pilot Anna Kottmyer has agreed to fly 3 puppies (approx 15 pounds each bassett/collie mixes?) from Mississippi to Manassas, VA. She is going to try to fly them this weekend (1/16, 1/17) but is going to be limited by weather (looks like a storm brewing in the south). I'm trying to find a pilot or pilots to fill the northern leg/s from Manassas, VA to NH. It looks like they may be flying sunday or possibly the next weekend. Are there any pilots out there that could help get these puppies the rest of their way to their rescue in NH. We can split it into two legs or possibly do one leg. Also, if there is anyone available that could possibly foster these puppies for a few days or a week until we can arrange the rest of their flight up to NH, please email me and let me know in case we need to arrange for a temporary foster. Thanks in advance to everyone for their help!!!!

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