Done! Dear Kitty Part 4

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Done! Dear Kitty Part 4

Postby krisline on Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:08 am

Need transport for Fern- a small white (deaf) kitten going to her forever home
This is for a very long trip from Whitesburg Kentucky (Dreamland Animal Rescue) to Billings Montana (Lindsey- adoptive parent). Fern is only 4 pounds and will have a carrier with a litterbox inside. We will work on getting everything else she may need for transport. She is up to date on vaccinations and as soon as we can organize the long transport, we will set definite dates and get her health certificate. We need to do the transport after March 12th. Her spay appointment in Montana is set for March 23rd- so we're going to try getting it set up in between those times. If there are days or times that do not work, please let us know and we'll do our best. =)

Due to the length of the trip, it would really help to let us know if you would be willing to "hold on to Fern" until the next pilot is ready. Thanks

Contact is Lindsey Battle
1-406-493-4312 (cell)

I have attempted to break the trip up into several legs
Whitesburg, KY to Paintsville, KY (may be driven?)

Paintsville, KY (9KY9) to Louisville, KY (KLOU) -ground miles= 187.41

Louisville, KY (KLOU) to Belleville, IL (KBLV) - ground miles= 248.82

Belleville, IL (KBLV) to Lebanon, MO (KLBO) - ground miles= 181.97

Lebanon, MO (KLBO) to Wichita, KS (KICT) - ground miles = 284.27

Wichita, KS (KICT) to Hill City, KS (KHLC) - ground miles = 238.09

Hill City, KS (KHLC) to St. Francis, KS (KSYF) - ground miles = 138.36

St. Francis, KS (KSYF) to Denver, COL (KAPA) - ground miles = 181.45

Denver, CO (KAPA) to Casper, WY (KCPR) - ground miles = 277.70

Casper, WY (KCPR) to Bridger, MT (6S1) - ground miles = 323.52

Bridger, MT to Billings, MT
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Re: Dear Kitty Part 4

Postby 8324T on Wed Mar 03, 2010 6:17 pm

Assuming timing and weather cooperate, I could do the Belleville-Lebanon leg. I would however need to pick up either at St. Louis Downtown (KCPS) or get the kitty to Spirit (KSUS) where I am based.
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