FILLED -- Desperately need to fill NC to NH/VT

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FILLED -- Desperately need to fill NC to NH/VT

Postby vthokienc on Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:25 am

I've got an adult shepherd/chow mix boy that desperately needs to get from eastern NC up to Manchester, NH. We've been trying to get him to his rescue for almost two months now with no luck. He's a sweet boy & was abused and neglected by his former owner. A wonderful rescue in Manchester, NH has stepped up to take this boy in but he needs to get there so he can get adopted and find his forever home. He's ready! JJ is a great dog -- he is fully vetted, neutered, and will be traveling with a health certificate. I've also got three puppies that have their approved adoptive homes waiting on them and they would love a ride as well. They have all been out of the shelter for almost three weeks, have had two sets of shots and are healthy. I can't take in and save any more dogs until some of these dogs go to their new homes and free up some space. I'm maxed out right now. It would help if there were multiple pilots because I've also got an old black lab mix that was part of a horrible abuse/hoarding case & is VERY timid and I think it would be MUCH easier on her if she could fly to get to her new home vs. ground transport where she'd have to switch vehicles & have new people every hour or so.
If one (or two) pilots could fly from NC to NJ or MA area (one of the puppies is going to the Worcester, MA area) with that being leg one. Then perhaps we could pick up one or two pilots to do the second leg from NJ or MA to Manchester, NH. The adult dog and two puppies are going to the Manchester area. The senior lab is going up to northern VT but if we can fill the transport hopefully we could get another pilot to fly that leg. I know this sounds extremely complicated but I don't think it would be too bad if we could get the pilots in place. It might be possible to transport all of them at once if its a bigger plane but I'm thinking that's probably not likely. The three puppies could fit in a medium crate together and JJ is 60 pounds (tall & lanky guy). The senior lab weighs about 50 pounds. JJ & the three puppies are the most critical right now. I'm not as worried about getting the senior lady up there immediately. If I don't get any responses I'm going to start groveling and emailing everyone I can find although that hasn't helped me much lately. Please please help these guys/gals out if you can. I REALLY REALLY appreciate it & I know the dogs do! Thanks again,

Julianne Harris
Out of the Woods Rescue
Blounts Creek, NC
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Re: Any pilots available this weekend for a eastern NC to NJ run

Postby deeogee1 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 8:05 pm

More details here on old thread viewtopic.php?f=5&t=6591
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Re: Desperately need to fill NC to NH/VT-Many that need to go!

Postby vthokienc on Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:42 am

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Re: Desperately need to fill NC to NH/VT-Many that need to go!

Postby nrhalnp on Thu Apr 22, 2010 8:16 am


How many dogs need to go, and where, exactly are you located? I have 5 labs that need to go to Keene, NH and am trying to work something out with Cloud Nine, a transport flight that only takes large ##s of dogs (they have a bigger plane and don't need to do the multiple legs). Can you get your guys to Smithfield? If we can do this together, then we'll need to get with our rescue groups up in NH to see where they can meet to pick up their dogs. I don't know if the pilots will go to 2 different NH airports, I'll have to check with them. Call me, please.

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