FILLED via Ground Denver, CO - Vancouver, WA

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FILLED via Ground Denver, CO - Vancouver, WA

Postby GetMeTherePlease on Thu May 20, 2010 11:04 am

This has been FILLED via ground transport thank you all for looking and considering ;0)

I have 5 Hounds Traveling from Clanton AL to Vancouver, WA right now they have made it as far as Denver, CO and am hoping to get them to Vancouver WA this weekend. I have the ground transport set up with two drivers for each relay leg, But in two areas I am missing a driver.

I was wondering if you all were possibly available to take 2 or 3 of my 5 hounds and get them from Denver, CO to Vancouver WA for me this weekend this would leave me only having to use 1 driver per leg on the ground and thus my transport would be filled.

Please advise if you can assist

Thank you
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NAME: Dallas
BREED: Red Tick Coonhound
SEX: Female
COLOR: Rust and white
DISTINGUISHING MARKS/FEATURES: Rust ears, ticking with big rust spots
For Females Last Heat cycle ( if known and Unspayed): not known
SCARS: none
AGE/WEIGHT/SIZE 2 years, 45 lbs, large

NAME: Roscoe
BREED: Walker Treeing Hound
Sex: Male
Color: Tri Color
Distinguishing MARKS/FEATURES: None
Scars: none
AGE/WEIGHT/SIZE 1 1/2yrs, 50lbs, large
Roscoe Jake Paul small.jpg
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