Transport done from TN Winchester to MI Detroit

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Transport done from TN Winchester to MI Detroit

Postby Kimberley Muse Lange on Wed Jan 21, 2009 9:08 pm

Well it all started with me''Kim'' looking for a dog on pet finder I wanted a lap dog.I also wanted to save a dogs life.I saw a cocker spaniel in TN at franklin County Animal control.I called and asked about the cocker they had named Suzy Jennifer the worker there told me she had been changed outside all of her life.She wasn't house trained.No one spent much time with her.I wanted this baby.Jennifer called the cocker forum that connected her to a vet that spayed her gave her shots and flea protection the vet also put her on medicine for her worm problem.I contacted a charter plane that would fly her from TN to MI for 1300.The air lines wanted her to have her rabies shot for at least a month going ground she would have to drive for all most 11 hours and that was to long.I was watching t.v when I saw a quick news clip about pilots-n-paws and I knew this was the answer to how I could safely get Suzy home and more importantly save her life.I wrote on the board and wrote pilots in TN. Pilot Jerry was most helpful.While Brent and me were E-mailing each other Kathy Staton and Richard Bruden were responding to my board post and chatting with each other they decided to fly together.Kathy E-mailed me because I wasn't responding to their board messages.The reason I didn't respond was because I didn't see the box I was suppose to check to be notified.Jennifer got a crate collar,rug,dog tag,dog food,water,two dog toys.We decided we would get Suzy to MI on Jan 17. The weather was to cloudy to fly on that day so then we went for Jan 19 the weather cooperated after a little wait in TN for Brent,Richard and Kathy meet Brent in KY and flew the rest of the way to MI.When the plane landed I was so over whelmed with joy I cried .Thank you all the wonderful people who saved Suzy's life.Jennifer,Brent Earwood Richard Bruden Kathy Staton.I hope you save many more dogs.May God Bless You.Take Care,Kim :D :?: :?: :?: :?: :D :lol: ;) :shock: :o :roll: :mrgreen: :D :) :?: :!: :P :P :P 8-)
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Re: Transport done from TN Winchester to MI Detroit

Postby admin on Wed Jan 21, 2009 10:55 pm

Kim, what a wonderful ending, or should I say beginning, for you and Suzy! This is what Pilots N Paws is all about, getting these furkids where they need to go and escaping euthanasia....

If any of you have pics of the transport, or even of Suzy at her new home with you, please send them to me at so that I can put them under the Photo Gallery page on our website.

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