DONE! 3 Leg Transport ~ Senior Girl w/ Broken Femur MO to MI

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DONE! 3 Leg Transport ~ Senior Girl w/ Broken Femur MO to MI

Postby wyvonnia on Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:24 pm

LEG 1: Springfield, MO to St. Charles, MO - Thank you SARAH!
LEG 2: St. Charles, MO to Illinois - Thank you CHUCK!
LEG 3: Illinois to Michigan - Thank you PAM!

A senior chow girl about 10 years old (whom has been named ANGEL) was in an All-Kill shelter in Springfield, Missouri with a broken leg. A rescuer in Sterling Heights, Michigan wanted to save her so a friend of mine (Marilyn) pulled her from the shelter on Friday, July 23, 2010 and because of an obvious injury, took her directly to her vet (a country vet by the name of Dr. Kent). We just didn’t know how bad of shape she was in.

The vet did x-rays and found that her femur bone (the hardest bone to break) was completely split in two. Not only does she have this horrible break that will require immediate surgery to be pinned, but she has terrible arthritis in her hips that pains her greatly. She had to be sedated just to do the x-rays because of the pain she was in. Marilyn’s vet, Dr. Kent, is not able to do surgery on Angel but said he could stabilize it for transport to Patricia’s vet in Michigan (a wonderful veterinarian who is able to do the surgery).

Because of the pain she is in, ground transport is not even an option. She needs an emergency transport via air to Michigan for surgery on her leg. She has a hard time walking and because her hips are in such terrible shape, putting weight on one leg (the broken leg she won’t use at all) is excruciating for her and it’s heartbreaking to see her try. Amputation is not a possibility because it would put additional pressure on the other leg which is very arthritic and could not bear the weight. Dr. Kent said Angel can walk and WANTS to walk. She got up for him each time he went to see her and when he called her sweetheart she gave him kisses.

She was also tested for heartworms which turned out to be positive. Not only does she have heartworms, but her coat was so full of burrs, knots and other stuff that it is undetermined how long she has been in this horrible shape. Marilyn is going to get her shaved on Monday to relieve the discomfort she feels from her twisted and matted coat. She may not be able to withstand a bath, but just getting her shaved will help her feel much better.

Marilyn said that this senior girl is so very sweet and very pretty. Extremely easy to handle and oh so thankful to be out of the shelter and in caring hands. Marilyn said after they left the shelter, she took her for something to eat and Angel ate as if she was starving. After she fed her, Angel gave Marilyn a kiss and climbed in the back seat and went to sleep.

Dr. Kent said her teeth look like she had been chewing on a wire enclosure so it is possible she escaped from a terrible situation to find food and water and either got caught in a coyote trap or was hit by a car. In southern Missouri, many people leave their dogs chained or penned without food or water and many will try to escape as a means of surviving. Dr. Kent said Angel is the sweetest chow he has ever met and that she could not have a better attitude than she already has.

Angel has been placed on pain medicine to help her deal with the pain from her hips and her broken leg and also it will help her deal with her flight. She is also on antibiotics, has been dewormed once, had a flea pill, her blood panel was all normal and Dr. Kent will x-ray her chest on Monday to see if her heart is enlarged or normal. He even offered to shave her down if the groomers are not able to. Angel weighs 44 pounds but should weigh a minimum of 55 pounds. Her new mom in Michigan will fix that.

I know this is a long flight and would love any ideas/options on splitting the flight into several legs but prefer to have pilots make the offer on what distance they can fly. I truly appreciate any and all help in getting this very sweet senior to Michigan.

Wyvonnia Neeley


Marilyn lives in Bollivar, MO and she said Springfield, MO airport (SGF), Lebanon, MO (LBO) and Joplin, MO (JLN) are three airports she has met pilots at before. There are 48 other airports within 75 miles of Billings, MO where Marilyn lives. She is willing to drive to any airport within this area. Marilyn drives to Kansas City once a week and is willing to drive Angel to Winding River Kennels and then Angel could be driven to an airport in Kansas City by a local volunteer if that is helpful.

Patricia lives in Sterling Heights, Michigan and said that Detroit Metro (DTW) is the largest airport closest to her (about 1 hour). There are 88 airports within 75 miles of Sterling Heights, Michigan that I’m sure Patricia would meet a pilot. She feels that Detroit Metro is the best choice only because it is gigantic and very organized.

Sending Rescue:
Marilyn Miller
Billings, MO 65610
417-207-0708 – cell

Marilyn’s Veterinarian in Missouri:
Dr. Kent
Phone: 417-744-2222

Receiving Rescue:
Patricia Ford
Sterling Heights, MI
Phone: 586-713-2743

Patricia’s Veterinarian in Michigan:
North Gratiot Vet- Dr. Theurkauff
Phone Number: 586-949-3200[/size]
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Re: 3 Leg Transport! Senior Girl w/ Broken Femur MO to MI

Postby charlie on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:43 pm

I could possible do the transport from KGLY (Clinton, MO) to KMIE (Muncie, IN). That puts her just a short hop away from MI. I believe I will be going there this Saturday. If the sender could bring her up to Clinton on Thursday or Friday we could take her with us. Hopefully we can find someone from to take her the rest of the way.

Does she have a crate?
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email me. Email address is my first name followed by at
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Re: 3 Leg Transport! Senior Girl w/ Broken Femur MO to MI

Postby wyvonnia on Tue Jul 27, 2010 11:57 pm

Charlie thank you so much for offering! It's been such a busy day that I just now had a chance to sign on here and make an update that this transport took place today. A nice vet tech by the name of Sarah drove Angel to St. Charles, MO and met Chuck and he flew to Illinois to meet Pam who then flew Angel to Michigan. Angel is now resting in her new home :)

I cannot thank you enough for your extremely kind offer. I will be posting a flight request for flying a GSD girl from the Caruthersville, MO Humane Society to her foster home here in Jefferson City, MO. I can't seem to find anyone who lives in that area who can drive this way. The shelter told me that they want to get her out of the shelter ASAP because she is deteriorating quickly in the shelter. Do you happen to know any pilots in the bootheel? Thank you again.
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