Leg 2: Lafayette, IN 47906 to 1H0 - St Louis, MO 63146

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Leg 2: Lafayette, IN 47906 to 1H0 - St Louis, MO 63146

Postby aospca on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:00 pm

Leg 2: Critical Transport Needed. Two (2) male beagles and one (1) female chocolate lab mix have lost their home ... it was foreclosed on. Owner will get a letter telling him date to be out, as it has been sold. We have already placed the raccoon and one beagle, but these three dogs remain. If they do not get relocated, they will find themselves in a high kill shelter that IS NOT on PETFINDER. They will be invisible. The pound is often unmanned, locked during business hours.

Beagles & Buddies, 2661 Strozier Avenue, El Monte, CA 91733 has agreed to take all three and is their only hope. Pilots, I know it is a stretch, Ohio to CA, but I also know .... you are good.

Since I will be retreiving them from Tiltonsville, OH, getting them to the vet for rabies, health certificates and heartworm testing, we can be a bit flexible on where they depart. New Philadelphia, OH 44663, Carrollton, OH are also possibilities, so are Coshocton, OH, Zanesville, OH. Cadiz, OH is the closest to me and does have an airfield, but I'm not sure they have fuel, frankly as I've never been there.

I expect this trip will require up to 6-7 legs. The "map this route" feature is NOT showing up as available for some reason, so this post is a starting place to see if there is some interests in part of the trip. Perhaps with your fancy flight maps, pilots, you could loan me a hand in a proposed breakdown of the legs?

Proposed legs are:
Leg 1: KPHD to KLAF (253 nm)
Leg 2: KLAF to 1H0 (195 nm) - Pilot Mike may can do this one on 9/3 if people can fill in around him
Leg 3: 1H0 to KICT (334 nm)
Leg 4: KICT to KSAF (435 nm) - this is the longest of the legs
Leg 5: KSAF to KDVT (318 nm)
Leg 6: KDVT to KEMT (298 nm)

All legs are FLEXIBLE. As always, we thank you for your dedication to the animals. Robin McClelland Appalachian Ohio SPCA (aospca@verizon.net) 740-945-1379
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Re: Leg 2: Lafayette, IN 47906 to 1H0 - St Louis, MO 63146

Postby jmallard on Sat Aug 21, 2010 1:36 pm

I've got this leg covered on 9/3/10 as long as scheduling other legs works out and the weather cooperates.

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