Wilson, NC - Bath, ME (Dec.13 - Dec.18)

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Wilson, NC - Bath, ME (Dec.13 - Dec.18)

Postby darwin on Sun Nov 21, 2010 2:55 pm

Number of animals being transported: 7
Breeds, weight, age: Pit Bull, should be between 5-7 lbs at 8 1/2 weeks on Dec. 10
Health Condition: Currently are very health yand been dewormed at 4 weeks of age
Heart worm Status: NA
Vaccinations: 1st shot was given Nov. 24, 2nd will be given Dec. 11, Kennel cough vaccine will be given prior to Dec. 11
Health Certificate: Will have one prior to travel, if needed.
Spay/Neutered: Too young
Special needs: none
Name of Sending & Receiving Rescue/Parties:Sending Rescue: Wilson County Humane Society, Wilson, NC 27893
Receiving Rescue: Beau Buddy Rescue, Bath, ME 04530
Contact information (publicly viewable on forum): Pam Hensley, WCHS 252-292-6354 or pamhensley@gmail.com
Additional Info/situation: We are located in Wilson County where there are still pit bull fighting rings. The family felt that they did not have a choice except to take pups to the animal shelter to be put down since they could easily be stolen or given to someone to use as bait or fighting dogs. We were able to intervene and help this family out. These pups and the mom are safe. The family is keeping the mom and WCHS is having the mom spayed as soon as pups are weened at 7 weeks and mom is dried up. We are requesting air flight since these pups will more likely be very stress if they are to travel 2 days land transport. Stress puppies = coccidia and a mess for the receving rescue. We are so thankful that this group is taking our pit puppies that we want to make sure that they are very healthy and ready for their forever home once they are spayed/neutered in ME.

We are requesting this flight early with the holiday approaching but do not want to send them until they receive their 2nd shot and kennel cough vaccine. They would be healtheir and have more protection. The pups will be ready to fly between Dec. 13-18. They all would fit comfortably in a 36 inch crate.

Please contact me if you can help out on this trip.
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Re: Wilson, NC - Bath, ME (Dec.13 - Dec.18)

Postby mars1259 on Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:33 pm

If you can get them as far north as Blairstown, NJ I can get them somewhere into Massachusetts to transfer to someone else to get them to Maine. Free weekends, weather permitting.
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Re: Wilson, NC - Bath, ME (Dec.13 - Dec.18)

Postby darwin on Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:58 pm

There's another pilot that emailed my personal email address. Could I have your personal email address or give you theirs so you two could hook up and see what could be done to get these guys to Maine?

My email address is: pamhensley@gmail.com

Thank you.
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