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Crates and Slings

Postby samlowe on Fri Feb 15, 2013 9:56 am

I was wondering what most of you do to get crates and/or slings for transport? There are several flights in my area that I could do but I don't have the equipment and since I don't have pets myself I don't have the typical items required for transport. I see any number of posts requesting slings or crates from rescuers.

Do you do anything special to your planes before a transport? I have seen some suggestions but some of you have real world experience with this. I have a straight-legged Cardinal so room is not really an issue and the back seat comes out easily.

I have seen the suggestion to send an email to but those go unanswered.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Sam Lowe
Sam Lowe
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby Sidegrip on Thu Apr 11, 2013 12:30 pm


Have you received an answer to your Question?

Here's My 2 cents.

I believe that petsmart has crates that they donate for PNP.
Get crates that are comfortable for your plane and remember that one size does not fit all. You may have to disassemble the crates to get them through the door and reassemble in the plane, and I have a few cheap lightweight ratchet straps to secure.
You will need to check your W&B with the rear seat removed, seat weight should be in your POH along with the arm.
In my Saratoga with full fuel and a front pax I have to watch my forward CG.

It has been my experience that while the ground crew will tell you that they transport fine in the car doesn't mean that all will be fine in the air.
I've had numerous times when the rescuers didn't like the idea of the crate :cry: . If they only knew what kind of mess the animal 's left in the crate that I had to clean up :evil: !!
So, be prepared with a little cleanup after drop off. I usually use a several layers of old newspaper that's wadded up afterward and put in a small trash bag for disposal and a spray cleaner with paper towels (wouldn't want to deep that smell with you on the return trip ;) ), and a pair of latex gloves that I keep in a ziplock for the removal of the pets (If the crate is messy so are the pets, which you'll usually find out after it's all over everything :o :shock: :oops: ) and the cleanup. But I've found It's mostly the pups that leave the mess and the older pets will usually be fast asleep after 15- 20 Min. Or the controllers find it funny when they hear barking in the background :? .

Some of them don't like more than a certain amount of animals in the crates. I just explain that those are the seats that are available :roll: .

Happy Flying :D
Leonard Guidry
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby Moon on Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:43 pm

We are looking at a Skyhawk and know a rescue that is going out of business and might have some crates. Anyone know what size we should get?
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby RickG on Sat Jul 20, 2013 6:17 am

Sam: you really should be getting a response from PnP (I'd actually like to see a private email that we as volunteer pilots can use). They will ship you a starter kit of one or two crates, leashes and harnesses. If you are not getting a response from that email, I would suggest going into your User Control Panel, click on the Private Messages tab, type admin in the window (and click an Add). This will send them a message via the bulletin board.

Moon: I have a '64 172. If using a crate I prefer the "Large" size that PnP can provide. The dimensions are 26 x 18.8 x 16.5. One of these will fit behind the rear seat, although with the seat in place you do have to slide in the crate (while apart) and put together once in place. Takes a little dexterity but a non-issue once you get the hang of things. However, it all depends on the size dog(s) you are flying. On my last transport the rescue group provided six smaller crates as all the dogs (165# worth) needed to be kept separate. As you can see from the photo I will often remove the rear seat ... and sometimes no crates are involved and larger dogs are tethered. On the transport where I took this picture we had a gaggle of puppies in one crate, two 35# dogs in the other, and a 65# adult on the floor next to them. Hope that helps.
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby Moon on Sat Jul 20, 2013 7:32 am

Thanks that was very helpful. We hope to fly most trips with our own dog (he's a big boy 110#) so we will have to see about two crates.
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby smcnutt on Tue Sep 03, 2013 5:21 pm

Pardon my newbie questions but.....

Do some of the rescues provide the dogs with crates for transport or do I need to bring them all the time? Is this something that I need to ask for each mission?

I see pictures of the 2-piece plastic crates above but wouldn't the wire crates be better since they can fold down if not needed? However, if 'messes' are common then maybe the solid sides of the plastic crate might do a better job of containing it. Suggestions?

Should I contact PnP direct (email as mentioned above) to get some crates or should I contact Petco/PetSmart direct and ask them to donate them?
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby Squanto84 on Wed Mar 05, 2014 1:02 am

contact pilotsnpaws via email. PetMate is a sponsor of PnP, not Petsmart or Petco.
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Re: Crates and Slings

Postby mikegreen on Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:21 am


I use the soft sided foldable crates. The wire ones are quite rigid and with most planes' taper towards the rear, it makes alot of space unusable.

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