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New to PNP

Postby flyboy0205 on Wed Mar 16, 2011 9:40 am

Hi folks, I recently signed up for PNP and wanted to speak to a few fellow pilots who have flown missions before. I have not purchased crates as of yet as I am not really sure what to buy. I have seen several requests for smaller animals (<15 lb) and some for larger (> 50lbs). Are there any crate sizes to definitely purchase and some that I wont really need much ???

I own a Piper Archer III and will look this weekend to see how much room I will have with the back seats removed, etc. I am assuming that it might be a good idea to install some strap systems (in the rear area) to keep the crates secure as my rear baggage compartment already has them installed.

If there is anyone that would entertain a quick phone call please let me know.. you can reach me @ 850.583.0109

Looking forward to assisting our animal friends

Jerry Swerczek
Tallahassee, FL
1999 Piper Archer III (IFR) :D
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Re: New to PNP

Postby traunero on Wed Mar 16, 2011 10:09 am

I have a small crate that I have used, but only because I already owned it for my dog. I have not purchased crates for transports. Every animal that needed a crate came in one. You can also get crates from Debi, the administrator of PnP, you can contact her through here.

I have had large dogs that just laid down on the back seat. I do have a harness/leash that I use to secure them to the seat belts. I have never had a problem with a dog wanting to move around. Smaller dogs, and all cats, are best in a crate. You do NOT want a cat roaming your cabin.

There are local rescues here who have always offered to loan or give me a crate to use for a transport. I think crates make their way around the country, handed off to other rescues and fosters, they always seem to get replaced on the next trip.

Have fun, flying the animals is very fun and rewarding!
Rich Traunero
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Re: New to PNP

Postby rjaflys on Sun Mar 20, 2011 5:07 pm

Jerry, I fly a lot of small puppies and other small breeds out of Louisiana to Marianna, for final destinations in south Florida. Many puppies go to Lakeland, where the SPCA there seems to always be looking for puppies to adopt out. If you would be interested in flying any of these trips South out of Marianna, please let me know. Marianna, by the way is a very friendly PnP airport. They love dogs and give a large fuel discount for PnP pilots, so go there for your fuel and transfers if you can. ( RV-6A, small but it gets me and the dogs there. Bob.

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