"Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

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"Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby davidtg on Thu Feb 04, 2010 7:54 am

Good morning, all --

I had a question come up the other day and I didn't really have a good answer. I wonder what any of you have found. When is a transport request real, valid, and worthwhile vs just someone who wants to get a dog shipped a long way, and how do you know the difference? For instance, I've been working as part of viewtopic.php?f=5&t=5925 and so I'll pick on it as an example (sorry, Hector!).

Those folks who post here often and move 15 dogs at a time and so on probably have some credibility. I also see no reason someone rescuing just one animal couldn't ask for help with a long (or even not so long; although this example is 11 hours each way, just 4 hours may still be too much for someone) trip in a car. And I'm delighted to be able to contribute as a pilot and have a better reason to fly (like it ever requires arm-twisting, right? :-)

But, for all I know, Hector could have *bought* this puppy from a mill and just not want to drive to get it or pay the air freight for the trip. Maybe he's thinking "Hey, I'll get some friendly pilots to fly my new dog down to me and I'll save a bunch of money and time -- or my money and my time, at least". I don't have a way to tell.

Has this topic ever come up, and are there already good answers out there? I don't want to scare anyone off of a transport leg (and I have nothing against Hector :-) but when I couldn't answer the question I started thinking about the matter...

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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby Jon on Thu Feb 04, 2010 8:24 am

I think all pilots have to approach transports with a degree of scepticism. The greatest probability of being hoodwinked into flying someone's family pet is with a single animal. I don't think it is unreasonable if there is any doubt to start asking hard questions such as the name of the rescue for the sending party or the receiving party.

Make sure there is paperwork. Read the paperwork. At the very least there should be a vet's statement the animal is safe to travel.

One clue for me that is common is the email address of the sending and receiving parties reads like it is from a rescue, or the sending or receiving party will have a web site.

It is fair to say since you are spending a lot of money and time to do a transport you are entitled to ask for verification the animal is a legitimate candidate for a transport. You are correct in that if a transport request is for multiple animals the probability you are transporting pets is slight.

Having said all that there are times you are transporting a pet. There are good reasons for this. I have transported service animals. I have brought animals from a rescue to folks who have adopted them and will be the animal's forever home. One of my passengers Monday fell into that category. There are hardship cases such as the transport of pets for people in our military. The choice is yours as a pilot to accept or reject transport requests.

Since my reason for doing transports is to save animals that would otherwise be euthanized I do seek to load my plane with as many as I can get on board so it is rare when I even have to worry about getting snookered into flying the family pet, but in reading transport requests I find there are some that just read as though that is exactly what is happening and I assume those requests are going unaswered or the pilots are seeking verification the request is truly for a good cause.

Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby artsmonster on Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:11 am

I got taken to the cleaners once. (that I know of :idea: ) I had a transport request to the Orlando area from West Palm Beach. Had no idea at the time what to even look for in a scam. I found out, at the airport when they forgot the crate they said they had. When I spoke with the requester I stipulated a crate was a must. No crate was with the dog. I called and was told the person I met "will be told to go get one immed". I thought this strange for a volunteer. Then heard the conversation between the "volunteer" and the requester. Come to find out, they were being PAID to transport this dog to an owner and needed to get the dog to Orlando where they were based. I was pretty upset at being taken. I am LOTS more careful now!

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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby webling on Mon Jun 28, 2010 4:02 pm

If you have any doubts what so ever, then email Debbie Boies and ask if the rescue requesting the transport is legitimate. More often than not, you will get the answer you are looking for, and I am sure if she doesn't have an immediate answer, then she will be able to inquire through her network and find out.
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby 121mhz on Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:12 pm

Being a New Yorker, I'm sceptical of everyone. I ask for 501C3 proof from either the sender or receiver. Usually, they are more than happy to provide that. Although I have had a few that suddenly "found ground transport" once I asked.
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby Eric27 on Tue Aug 10, 2010 8:25 pm

I've read what has been said and I agree with most. I have to rent a plane to do this so I'm putting out about $120.00 + an hour to help out. I don't want to see any animal put down, but I also don't want to be taken advanage of either. I have seen several form one person in my area and when I tell them I might be able to do the transport they always have a pilot already lined up. Why use this site if she has a driect line for transportation. It looks like I might do my first transport on Thursday so we'll see how it goes.
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby ShepherdDad on Mon Oct 04, 2010 9:34 am

I made a lone dog transport a few weeks ago and after the fact I realized that I may have moved someone's pet. Yes I feel "abused" but I had not expected that from this charitable arrangement so was not looking for scammers. I will be more careful in the future and heed the advise in this thread.

Yesterday I transported nine Labs. Do not believe that it was even posted on this site. Word of mouth from a previous rescue organization.
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby Eric27 on Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:19 pm

I'm about to move 2 dogs on Saturday. The gal that contacted me has several posts and we have been trying to get together on one of these moves. The drive by car is about three hours so my fly time is only a little over 1 hour each way. Since I have seen several posts by her I don't think I'm getting scamed. I look at some of these requests and they are over 600 miles. I'm not sure what some of these requesters are thinking but that a long way in a small plane. I guess no matter how we try to protect each other and anytime people are willing to donate their time soomeone will try and scam. Maybe we should post suppected scamers to warn others to check them out first. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the whole basket.

Good luck to all and happy flying
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby eyeland1000 on Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:34 pm

I too have wondered if I've been scammed into delivering someones family pet. Not that, doing so is out of the question, especiallty if the distance is very far, but a bit of honesty would be nice. Ive also wondered if certain individuals who tout themselves as animal rescues, are using these "transports" as a money making business and selling these animals at high prices. If that is the case, then we ARE being played as caritable, flying chumps, which is very upsetting.

It seems to me that "single pet" transports should be looked at with skepticism. And asking Deb Bois, if she has heard of the "rescue" or receiver, makes a whole lot of sense.
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Re: "Worthy" vs "Wasteful" transports

Postby Eric27 on Sun Oct 24, 2010 6:07 pm

Looking at a single animal transport should raise some concern depending on the size. I would question transporting an animal that weighs in less than 40 lbs, but a single animal like a Lab or large dog I wouldn’t question. Checking with Deb Bois is good also. Most of the rescuers I’ve talked with also have a web site and other tell tale ways that point to real rescues. You may have been tricked into transporting someone’s pet and maybe there are some people out there trying to make a buck off our good nature and generosity. Rescuers help us police this and help make this work for all of us. You know which people that are legitimate help point out the ones that are not.
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