An Easy Crate Modification

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An Easy Crate Modification

Postby CubCruiser on Tue Mar 30, 2010 9:58 pm

If you're like me, the biggest crate that I can fit in my back seat/baggage area can't be loaded assembled. Split in two pieces, I can easily slide the crate in and assemble it.

Until I received my free crate from PNP, I was using a Wal-Mart crate with simple, 1/4 turn lugs. The new crate has the bolt and plastic wing-nut assembly that while easy to use, also makes it easy to drop the bolt and an ensuing search commences.

An easy solution is to insert each bolt in the lower half of the crate (threads facing up) and secure it with a 10-24 nylock nut from Lowe's or your favorite hardware store. These come in packages of 4 for approximately $0.84. I only use 8 bolts in my crate (2 at each corner) since I'm not carrying it around, so 2 packages worked nicely.

No more hunting for lost bolts...

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