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Re: Dedicated Transports

Postby emartin on Sun Jan 24, 2010 7:43 pm

I seem to have problems connecting with active transports,a old gripe.What would work is if we formed tri state meetings,say Oklahoma,Texas,Texas or New Mexico,meet for lunch somewhere and hash it out.I found 1 pilot,Mike in Collins Ok,would be easy to work with,if I new 1 in say Kansas City?1 in Amarillo,1 inMonroe La,I could cordinate in any direction.Just need someone to give the pilots in say a 200 mile to 300 mile circle each others emails and ph#.Isnt anyone leading these forums?Lets have some get togethers.Do 1 in Ok for Tx,La,Ark,,and someone set 1 for another area,say Ga,Sc,Miss.What say you!!And for crying out loud get rid of all the DEAD transport requests!I wasted my whole Sunday on a post to take a dog from Lawton Ok to Collinsville and another pilot was going to pick up in Collinville Ok.NOTHING returned.A waste of a beautiful day because a poster wont follow up.Maybe the transport requesters need some coordination also
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Re: Dedicated Transports

Postby lshirey on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:55 pm

The dedicated transport idea is interesting. I agree that getting to know other pilots that volunteer to fly rescues in your area to help with legs would prove beneficial. I'm located in the midlands of SC and I believe I've found a FBO that will allow pet rescues in their rental plane. So, I'm looking forward to my first rescue. I've reached out and sent some emails as well to get to know pilots in the area. One reply.

And I have a similar concern as emartin. A follow up on a thread or to an inquiring pilot would prove helpful to: 1)keep that pilot informed, interested and involved, 2)"free up" that interested pilot for another request if the other has been filled.
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Re: Dedicated Transports

Postby Jon on Mon Jan 25, 2010 10:24 am

We are working on the issue of dead requests. We are also addressing the issue of non-responsive posters, but have no immediate solution to that one. That cuts in both directions because we have had non responsive rescues and non responsive pilots.

I would urge pilots and rescues from a given area to get to know one another, and for pilots involved with relays to get to know other pilots along the typical routes. As we start doing transports routinely we will find there are patterns to transports and rescues who send dogs typically send them to the same receiving rescues. That allows the formation of "teams" and once teams are formed the transports become routine and easy to set up.

This should be a signal to those who are non responsive: I personally will stop dealing with folks who are difficult to communicate with. If they do not respond to emails or if they let their phones go to voice mail I drop them and focus on helping those who will be responsive. There are far more requests for transports than there are planes and pilots so it is important for me to only work with those who help me do my job the best.

Re: Dedicated Transports

Postby richclover on Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:14 pm

Agreed, Jon.

We've developed relationships with 4 or 5 rescues in our flying area and have done lots of flying that never shows here until I post pics in "Success Stories". Works well. Email initiates the rescue.

Response is the key. "Doing the job best" is what we try to do, budget limited... I'm retired :shock:
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