LOS ANGELES METRO - Student Pilot Wants To 'BACKSEAT' Help!

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LOS ANGELES METRO - Student Pilot Wants To 'BACKSEAT' Help!

Postby BjComedy on Sat Oct 02, 2010 12:32 am

Greetings PNP Folk!

I recently moved to the Los Angeles area, and haven’t nearly flown as much as I did where I came from – St. Louis. My work got crazy during my pilot training - so, I’m a student pilot and interested in assisting on any flights around the LA metro. My hope is to assist with PNP and at the same time aid a pilot with some CRM and get around aviation even more eventually helping me finish up my private.

If any of you are near LA (within an hour drive of Hollywood – Long Beach, Santa Monica, Van Nuys, Pacoima, whatever) let me know and I’d be happy to be your com/nav guy.

• I currently have about 37 hours dual instruction (including some multi and instrument)
• I am an active member of CAP (Civil Air Patrol, USAF AUX) and am a rated aircrew member with MANY hours as an observer
• Radio/Comm/Nav/Checklists/Preflights – I’d love to help with!
• I’m a comedian by trade, so that makes a fun day, right?
• Any other duties as assigned (care taker of paws?)

As I’m sure you all can relate to, being around aviation is in my blood. Even if I cannot be PIC, I gotta be around it to keep it fresh in my head.


BJ "Honkey" Lange
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Re: LOS ANGELES METRO - Student Pilot Wants To 'BACKSEAT' He

Postby MelStL on Mon Jan 17, 2011 2:01 pm

Hi BJ -

I am in the Los Angeles area -- not currently flying, at the moment, but I have been certified for 12 years, and flying for 20. I'm getting things together to get my currency back, and despite my lack of time-building, I am steeped in aviation in MANY ways on a daily basis. I am primarily responding to you, though, because I took the same path you did, years ago.
I started my flight training at KSUS, and finished it up at KVNY. :)

It's quite a difference in terrain, that's for sure!
Contact me if you're still training or playing around in aviation, from one St. Louis —> Los Angeles transplant to another. ;)
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