Aug 22, cambridge Ohio to Erie, Pa (DONE)

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Aug 22, cambridge Ohio to Erie, Pa (DONE)

Postby ktolwinski on Sun Aug 30, 2009 2:58 pm

the flight from the Guernsey Vet Hospital in Cambridge Ohio to Erie, Pa airport was done over the weekend by a wonderful pilot by the name of Alice. Alice is a wonderful person (would love her address to send out a gift). She flew from Manassas Va to the Cambridge Airport and met Jen (vet tech from the hospital) to pick up the two girls. Sally the tabby that had her eye removed and Patchi the senior calico tabby were flown safely to Erie Pa and met by a volunteer by the name of Lori. I cannot thank everyone enough. When Alice offered her services I was so overwhelmed with the magnatude of her generous offer that I broke down and cried. Everyone in this group is so compassionate and caring. Just when you are at your lowest and think you are all alone, you meet a group of people like these. The vet who performed the surgery found out these were strays and that although they will probably be here forever because of their health and special needs, and because of that (I think) discounted the surgery so much and donated her services of herself and her staff for most of their care. On behalf of Sally the tabby and Patchi the calico, thank you so much
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