Please sign this petition for Dusty - hung in KY

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Please sign this petition for Dusty - hung in KY

Postby rdelot on Sat Nov 21, 2009 2:00 pm

We recently had a horrible case in Kentucky (of course) of a golden retriever mix hung by his neck with a logging chain from a backhoe. Law Enforcement was called out to the home and did nothing to investigate, file charges or prosecute this case. We need 5000 signatures to send this to government officials. We have over 4200. Please join us in seeking Justice for Dusty.
Thank you!
Rainey DeLotell
Edgewood KY
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Re: Please sign this petition for Dusty - hung in KY

Postby bearlady on Wed May 26, 2010 3:18 pm

Shows what uncaring, immoral, and lawless, people live in Ky.(I know there are those in Ky that are good, my comments are for those involved in this act)...In most states this type of action would warrant animal cruelty, animal abuse charges and the owner wouldn't have to file the charges, the State would file....And the type of dog Dusty was is the most loving, protective of his family (ha) animal there is and does this (owner) have kids, did they see their pet hanging for all to horrible....your law enforcement needs to become acquainted with their state, federal and municipal laws re: animals....So very sorry and romp in the Rainbow gardens away from those that murdered you
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