NOLONGER need transport for Retired MWD

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NOLONGER need transport for Retired MWD

Postby mcdermond on Sat Jan 02, 2010 5:25 pm

Hello all,

I need transport for my retired Military Working Dog Sam. I need to have him out of Lackland AFB no later than Tuesday Jan 5 2010. I realize this is very short notice, but any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Also I am currently looking into other options for getting Sam home. The destination is Deer River, MN 56636, the closest airport is Grand Rapids(private pilot only) or Chisolm/Hibbing (airport code HIB).


Scott McDermond

Update: I don't know how to move this post. However I found a relitave that has already started the drive to Texas, so Sam no longer needs transport. Thank you so much to everyone who was willing to help me and Sam out.
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Re: Urgently need transport for Retired MWD

Postby gellis on Sun Jan 03, 2010 10:58 pm

We could do this transport from KFWS (Fort Worth) to the Kansas/Missouri- flexible on the transfer point. There are several pilots in the Boene and San Antonio area who may be able to get him up to us.

We are available starting Friday 1/8 and have to complete our part of the transport by Sunday 1/10. If someone can get him up to us on Monday or Tuesday we can foster him until Friday when we can make the next leg. The nearest airport to our home is KWEA- Parker Co, Weatherford, Texas. I can pick him up at the airport Monday evening or anytime on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Is anyone up for the other legs?

Sundie Ellis
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Re: NOLONGER need transport for Retired MWD

Postby Garrad on Mon Jan 04, 2010 4:21 am

Hey Sundie...perhaps Denise Pride can help out from SAT to your neck of the woods. She's up at Boerne Stage and offered to help me on another lift this Friday. I would fly from San Antonio, but I am already committed to another lift this weekend. So many pups, so few pilots!!!
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