INTRODUCTION from Greenville, MS rescue!

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INTRODUCTION from Greenville, MS rescue!

Postby LindaJMerideth on Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:33 pm


My name is Linda Merideth and I volunteer for the Animal Welfare League of Mississippi ( We are based in Greenville, Mississippi and rescue both cats and dogs in Washington County, Mississippi. Only 5 yrs. ago, 99% of the dogs entering the county shelter were euthanized, if they were not stolen or otherwise killed first! Several yrs. ago, someone broke into the shelter and took a claw hammer and beat & killed a momma dog and some of her puppies.....many, many dogs have been stolen and one 5-mth.-old puppy was kicked by the ACO at that time and suffered a broken jaw (the ACO was "let go" soon after we brought the media attention to the case), and only 2 winters ago, four puppies who were only 5 or 6-weeks old were found frozen to death at this "shelter."

AWL is in the process of raising funds to construct a new, safe facility to house both cats and dogs from Washington County, as thus far, the cats have been left to breed rampantly and fend for themselves.

AWL consists of all volunteers (mostly business owners) who are fed up with the lack of Washington County providing a decent, safe facility for our homeless animals.......just in the last 6 months, we have rescued approximately 73 dogs, not to even mention the number of cats we have saved and been able to place by taking to Petsmart in Jackson, MS, two hours away.

We are begging for rescues that might be able to adopt out some of our kittens, puppies or dogs.......we DO NOT allow anyone to leave without being altered first, and vaccinated, so we do ask for at least partial reimbursement to be paid DIRECTLY TO THE VET.

We, as a rescue, are limited to the animals we can save.......without rescues (preferably in the Northeast where there are no puppies) to help us, our homeless animals don't have a chance.

Please call Linda at 662-822-0000 or email at if you are a rescue that has the possibility of rescuing dogs from us.

Also, we are in desperate need of short-term fosters in or around Londonderry, New Hampshire!

Thank you!!
Linda Merideth
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