shorter email subjects?

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shorter email subjects?

Postby davidtg on Wed Apr 06, 2011 5:35 pm

Hi, all --

I *love* getting new post notifications by mail; that is an awesome way for me to keep up with the traffic. Thanks so much!

Does anyone else have trouble seeing the entire Subject: line? Some -- like many from Cathy Ellsworth -- are very concise, which lets me easily see the locations (which is the first data point I need), but many give lots of info in the topic line and thus push the location completely off to the side.

What if we changed from

"Pilots N Paws" New Request

to just

PNP Post

to save real estate? Thoughts?

David & Laura T-G
C172 @ KCNI - small loads - 150nm VFR (and just maybe farther & cloudier)
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