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New to PnP

Postby kangmic on Thu Jun 30, 2011 8:36 am

Hi Guys,

I am new to PnP; heard it from my flight instructor. Have any tips/suggestions? What forms/procedures do I need to fill out/do? Please let me know.
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Re: New to PnP

Postby mikegreen on Sun Jul 03, 2011 11:06 am

Nothing official to actually fly the dogs... for tax deduction reasons, you'll want to get the form (stick post at top of the request forum), or make up your own system of documenting everything in case you get audited (eek).

Check the forums, setup the alerts to get emails if something gets posted within 150 miles of you, and then just post back to the forum and coordinate.

I'd recommend doing a single leg, simple trip your first time... I did a middle leg of a 4-puppy 3-leg trip with bad winter weather..... wasn't the most stress free first PNP trip!

Also, you can search for pilots in your area - might be worth it to go ride with one and see how it all flows.. Also check out the crate/belting options - I have a soft sided crate for dogs up to 40lbs, and anything bigger gets leash+seatbelted to the back seat... but there are other options - a 172 is pretty spacious. If you put a dog in the baggage area (in a create, preferably) make sure to tint or somehow cover the sun so they dont get hot.


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Re: New to PnP

Postby RickG on Wed Jul 06, 2011 7:55 am


There are lots of opportunities in the NC area for transfers. I'm based near RDU and often fly a "connector" leg as dogs make their way up from the south towards New England (or thereabouts). I've flown a half dozen missions to date and each one has been incredibly rewarding. As Mike suggested, start slowly ... you'll quickly learn what's needed to insure a successful transfer (some go much better than others). In time you may find yourself linking up with the same pilots and/or with a select group of rescue coordinators. Some folks will contact you directly asking for assistance; even if I'm able to help I always insist the request be posted on the board. And never forget you are the PIC ... at the end of the day this is still about safety and flying within your limits, regardless if the issue is weather, distance, budget or even the type of animals you have on board.

I had an interesting experience a couple of weeks ago - you might find this post helpful in understanding some of the issues involved with a transfer:

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