Hondo and Ziggy go Home

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Hondo and Ziggy go Home

Postby richclover on Sat Feb 21, 2009 11:02 pm

Jill and I flew a double rescue today. Evanston to Casper, WY. Friends of Animals, in Summit Co. UT, Park City, sends dogs to a rescue in Sheridan, WY. The dogs came from Heber, UT (in a Hummer), to the ramp at Evanston. We met a volunteer in Casper who drove the two pups to Sheridan.

It was a tough one... The border collie was a ranch dog, neutered a couple of days ago and partially sedated. He'd messed in the kennel in the back of the Hummer and was dirty, muddy, and just awake enough to be really scared. Good thing I had a pair of old, heavy ski gloves! There were bites... But no problem. With patience, we got Hondo into the airplane in our crate, then transferred to a truck at Casper. Patience pays! I won't carry a sedated dog again unless it's "limp". IOW, we can lift it to where it needs to be.

The other critter was a cow dog/heeler mix, male, young and energetic. Cute! We used a harness and leash and tied him to a cargo ring just behind our seats. We had a nose to deal with, but Jill kept the scratches going and Ziggy finally relaxed and went to sleep.

We'll have some blankets and towels to wash tomorrow, but the laundry is easy! Sparky, our Aussie, did his part and stayed home in the back yard. Someone has to guard the Fort!

Ziggy, the cow dog, was scheduled for "put down" yesterday. A near miss... Word is he'll be an agility expert with his new owner, and Hondo will be a real ranch dog again.

It was a good day to fly!

Thanks to Kathy and Charlene from Summit Co., and Terri from Sheridan, for making this happen!

Rich and Jill
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