Wings Over Edenton, 2011!

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Wings Over Edenton, 2011!

Postby Amelia on Tue Sep 20, 2011 12:11 pm

This Saturday, 9/24. We'll have old airplanes, old cars, flight demonstrations, food, music, Young Eagles flights, and more-- all free. 0900 to 1600, weather permitting.
We hope to have a PilotsNPaws table manned by a local animal shelter volunteer- if we can get hold of some brochures and cards to hand out, that is. They'll also bring some appealing critters to draw attention to the cause.
Y'all come. Fly-ins more than welcome--- I'm hoping we'll be able to offer some sort of nice fuel discount to anybody who wants to connect here with PnP transports.
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Re: Wings Over Edenton, 2011!

Postby Amelia on Wed Sep 18, 2013 11:47 am


Could you please update your information on Edenton's biennial Fly-In/airport open house?
And, if you can, send whatever printed matter, poster, banner, what-have-you my way? I have asked Mary Jo Sellers, who is very involved with our Tri-County Animal Shelter to join us with pups and propaganda, but haven't yet heard back from her. I know our shelter has participated (as have I, as a pilot) in P&P transports in the past, and we would love to have y'all be part of our effort to show how Edenton's Northeastern Regional Airport is a vital part of our community's wonderful quality of life.

EDE's Wings Over Edenton, 2013, October 19, 2013, part of Edenton's 300th birthday celebration. will feature aircraft dating from 1902- really!-to the latest and loveliest flying machines. We will have airplane rides, craft show, food, live music, parachutes and flight demonstrations, and more. Admission is free to all, and so is your exhibit space.

Please let me know how I can make our event contribute to your good mission.


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Re: Wings Over Edenton, 2011!

Postby RLL456 on Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:04 pm

My wife Marilyn and I live in the Nashville TN area. We are 5 minutes from the Nashville International Airport. We have a precious rescue dog named Molly (Lab/Mix) Who is now a Therapy Dog:). Molly is comforting our wounded warriors and those that suffer with PTSD. I am available to assist any one that needs help so don't hesitate to ask!

Because Animals Really Do Love People,
Ron Leonard
US Army Retired (My Email) (Train A Dog Save A Warrior)

Every day 22 veterans take their own lives and every 8 seconds a shelter animal is euthanized
Molly our therapy dog is joining forces with Marilyn and I to go on a "Rescue Mission" to our wounded warriors, those suffering with PTSD, and who just need to
know there is a God in heaven who loves, forgives, and restores. Because Molly and I know tears really are a language God understands! Would love your prayers and support:) ... 1809_n.jpg Our Precious Molly:)
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