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Postby herekittykitty on Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:20 am

Here's the story about Lady.....with an extremely happy ending.

A very dear friend & neighbor of mine (and is a big kitty lover too) who just happens to be a pilot for one of our major commercial airlines heard about Lady's plight at one of our neighborhood association meetings two weeks ago. To make a very long story short. He graciously offered to fly Lady, himself as a passenger along with Lady back home. I was just besides myself when he made this offer. All arrangements were made and Lady left Tuesday morning to be reunited with her human companions in Indiana. They greeted her with hot pink signs and balloons saying "Welcome Home Lady" and "Thank you to my friend"

I also want to take this time to thank you and PilotsNPaws for their offer to help and their concern. I will definitely keep all of your information on file.

Again, thank you,

Here Kitty Kitty is located in Paterson, NJ. The 3 airports that are closest to us are of course Newark and then there is Teterboro and lastly Fairfield, NJ. I've been told that there is an airport in Camden but I will need to find out how far that is from us. In Indianna, there is an airport in Terra Haute which is very close to Lady's mom and dad. I will try and find out if there are any other airports in their area of in the Columbus, Ohio area.

Dear Pilots N Paws People:

Your site was sent to us yesterday from a lovely lady in San Diego, California. I sent out posts far and wide and received several responses but she knows people who have used your services and spoke very, very highly of what you do.

Here is our story and I will try and make it as short as possible. Last week this gentleman phoned the store where we do pet adoptions, and they referred him to us. He was looking for a group to help place is 9 year old cat, Lady for adoption. I could tell in his voice that this was totally breaking his heart.

What happened was that in the process of moving from Passaic, New Jersey to Indiana, Lady got scared and just before they left NJ, she bolted out the door during the move. They postponed their move for several hours, sent the truck, notified family in Indiana that they would not be on time and if they would be able to help the movers when they got there. After searching the neighborhood many, many, many times and the house and notifying the police and AC, Lady was not to be found. So they had to leave. When there son who lives in Newark came back to the house that evening, there was Lady sitting on the front steps scared out of her wits. It had snowed that day and Lady is all white making it even harder to find her. Well the son took Lady back with him and his landlord saw Lady coming into the house and threw a fit. So unfortunately the son extremely reluctant took Lady to the local shelter. When mom found out the next day, she phoned the shelter and the landlord.....and after throwing a bigger fit Lady is now living temporarily with the son back in Newark.

The bottom line is that Lady is now staying with us in foster care where she will be safe until we can REUNITE her with her MOMMY & DADDY in Indiana. They are so brokenhearted about all of this and really, really, really want her back with them ASAP. They miss her desperately (how I hate using that word but in this case I had to.)

I have been doing rescue for about 18 years now and this is the first time I have found a couple who has fallen on hard times, had to move and actually WANT to keep their pets. They also have a small dog and another cat. So many, many pleas from folks who for some reason will just give them up at the drop of a hat or just abandon them like tossing away a piece of paper. This couple is one of those amazing ones who want's their baby back and that is why I'm going out all the way looking for someone who can help reunite Lady with her mom and dad.

Can you help us get Lady get home, please.

Looking forward to hearing from someone real soon,

Leslee Dimond
Here Kitty Kitty, Inc.
Paterson, NJ 07504
862 -668-4454

Here Kitty Kitty, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c3 Rescue and Adoption Organization For
Homeless Cats & Kittens [map:07501-43085]4505[/map]
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Postby KatS on Wed Mar 25, 2009 11:56 am

Hi Leslee - It would help us pilots a lot if you would put the locations of where Lady would need to be picked up at (airport or closest town) and where in Indiana she needs to get to. That way when we are searching for rescues in our area it makes it much easier. WE TRYING LADY!!!
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Postby admin on Wed Mar 25, 2009 3:11 pm


I truly hope Lady can find her way back to her family. Kat is correct, you need to post the sending and receiving locations in your subject line. Otherwise, pilots will have no idea what you are requesting. Please log in, open your message, click on edit in the right hand corner and put the city, state and zip codes in your subject line.

Secondly, the distance you are requesting, NJ to CA (if I am understanding your post correctly, another reason we need you to state the locations) is simply too far for small plane pilots.

We do have other options available though. Please look under our Commercial Volunteer section and see if anyone has listed a post stating their location and where they fly to. Airline personnel, both pilots and other employees, have been very helpful and generous in transporting an animal in need. On our homepage you will also find good information written by a commercial pilot on just how to go about using commercial aviation for transport. Another option would be to look for discount airline tickets and have a family member or rescue volunteer fly Lucky as part of their checked baggage. This is often done for long distance travel.

Good luck Lady, as Kat said lots of people are tying to get you home!

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Postby Tom N. on Thu Mar 26, 2009 5:40 pm

Dear Leslee,

If I am reading your post correctly, you are looking for transport from the Newark, NJ area to the Terre Haute, IN area. That's about 750 miles, so would probably require three pilots. I can get Lady from Essex County Airport (in Fairfield, NJ) to somewhere in western/central PA. From there, someone will have to take her presumably to Central Ohio, and a third person the rest of the way to Terre Haute, IN.

If the parents are willing to drive to somewhere in OH, we can probably get this transport done with two pilots.

I would suggest looking for pilots along the Terre Haute - Columbus - Pittsburgh corridor on the PNP map, and start contacting pilots in the general area.

Also, please change the subject of this thread to include the origin and destination (Newark, NJ to Terre Haute, IN or whatever you think would be best) so that it's clear to any volunteer pilot who might be looking through these boards.


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Postby Tom N. on Thu Mar 26, 2009 6:15 pm

One more followup. There is a French Bulldog looking for a transport from Ligonier PA to Terre Haute IN.


Perhaps you can contact the person organizing that transport to see if they've had any luck, and if Lady can hitch a ride. If we can successfully coordinate with that transport, I can get Lady from NJ to the Ligonier PA area.

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