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Postby richclover on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:07 am

Lynn sent an email yesterday, Debi. I'll let her post the details here, suffice to say Neo was being transported to Lynn's home last evening. Joyce's sister was driving from Kelso, WA, last night to meet Neo at Lynn's. I'm sure Lynn is very busy at the moment :)
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Postby admin on Fri Apr 17, 2009 10:27 am

This is great news Rich! Just this morning, a member of my Doberman Rescue group who lives in Idaho sent this link to us, letting us all know he is safe! This will give the family some comfort to have him safely at home again. Somehow, I think his owner knows he is found and back with her is the newslink:

Lynn, please do fill us in when you get a minute and thank you for networking far and wide to help find Neo!!

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Postby glacier on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:47 pm

Hi All,
Sorry for the delay, but NEO is now home in Kelso, Wa. He was found and ready to be rescued on Thurs, April 16, about 3p.m. It was so emotional and exciting all at once; we had a lot of crying going on; tears of joy! He was about 20 mi West of Snowville, in a shed. He was driven to me by Cathy Crowder of Layton, Utah and spent the night with me. NEO is the most beautiful, wonderful Siberian Husky. He walked into my home liked he lived there, got along wonderfully with my 5 large dogs, ate with them, and slept with me and two of my dogs. Joyce's sister and niece, Deborah and Nicole, drove all night long to get to my home in the Sun Valley area from Kelso, Wa. and arrived here about 7am. What a reunion! It was very emotional as this was also a part of Joyce going home. I want to give a huge THANK YOU to all of you for your prayers, best wishes and networking for NEO. It paid off big time! I personally spent over 60 hours the first week and about 30 the next emailing, faxing and making phone calls everywhere I could think of. It was my joy and pleasure and my priviledge to be able to help in the rescue of NEO. This was an incredible journey and human interest story. Out of a horrible tragedy, came so many good things. NEO was found, hundreds of folks across the country networked for NEO, folks were out in the desert looking for him, the media was amazing, the Utah State Patrol and Lt. Lee Perry went way beyond the call of duty in helping NEO to be found, the townspeople of Snowville were very active in the search for NEO. The public became aware of animals and folks in need and now know about the power of rescue groups and networking. NEO brought together so many wonderful, kind and compassionate people. The list goes on and on. KTVB Channel 7 in Boise, did wonderful broadcasting spots several times for NEO. I checked today and they still had the last video on their website of the reunion and also the first broadcast (click on Homeward Bound in the middle of the article). Also, the Idaho Statesman has a great article. At one point during the 2 weeks of searching, Deborah emailed me and said she was "a little bit overwhelmed with the kindness and compassion of strangers and how many folks were networking for NEO". Deborah said NEO was not a good flier, so she needed to drive over, which I think was good for her as well. Thank you to the Pilots N Paws pilots that were willing to help out if needed. I was curious as to where this story went, as I had several phone calls from tv stations and the Associated Press. I was pretty exhausted after NEO, Deborah and Nicole were headed home. A couple of days later, I was curious and went to a few different search engines and put in "NEO, Siberian Husky" and came up with so many different newspapers and Internet articles. The story of NEO went all across the United States from one corner to the other and everything in between and even as far as Malaysia, Singapore and the Phillippines; Newsweek and USA Today. I stopped my search and had to get some sleep. Again thank you all for "Networking for NEO". You are the greatest! Lynn (I'll post photos in the next reply, as this one is too long and the photos won't post).
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Postby glacier on Wed Apr 22, 2009 11:55 pm

Photos of NEO. I'm the one with the long braid in lavender. Cathy is the other gal that brought NEO to me. Lynn (NEO found story is the previous post)

Debi, I've tried to add photos and I keep getting "file is too big", regardless of which photo I try to add. Any ideas? Lynn
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