MOD - Sky Trek Aviation - Modesto, CA


MOD - Sky Trek Aviation - Modesto, CA

Postby PilotChip on Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:45 pm

My first rescue was from El Monte, CA (EMT) to Modesto, CA (MOD) and Sky Trek is pretty much the only FBO there I think.

They were very polite and have a GREAT lobby with snack & drink machines, free coffee AND popcorn!?

The ramp gentleman was waiting outside my Cessna Skylane before the engine even cut off. I had a moderate sized crate with one dog we loaded it onto the back of the golf cart. Since the pup had mange (mites) I had to use gloves to handle her. He brought us a few pairs of extra gloves without even being asked.

A couple of the other ramp hands were happy to watch the two other dogs for a few moments as well.

Full serve fuel at SkyTrek is available, but it's a bit cheaper at the self serve pumps across the airport. Since SkyTrek sells the fuel from the self serve pumps also, they will waive the ramp fee regardless of where you pump it!

Overall, a nice experience at Sky Trek!

--> Visit Sky Trek Aviation at KMOD
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