SAVE MOLLY / TRANSPORT from Oklahoma City to NE, IA, or MO

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SAVE MOLLY / TRANSPORT from Oklahoma City to NE, IA, or MO

Postby barbfitz on Tue Oct 02, 2012 5:01 pm

Number of animals being transported:1-2
Breeds, weight, age:pit/retriever mix
Health Condition: URI (being treated at ABC Vet Clinic, ready for transport)
Heart worm Status:negative
Health Certificate:yes
Special needs:recent surgery/URI
Name of Sending Rescue/Parties Suzanne Floyd /Animal Support & Rescue / Tori Gannon
Name of Receiving Rescue/Parties: Jill & Chris Betzler and Barb Fitz
Contact information (publicly viewable on forum): 320-894-8262 or
Are you a 501c3: yes
Additional Info/situation:

Hello. My name is Barb Fitz. On Friday, Sept.28 a puppy, with out a name, was due to be KILLED at Fort Worth ACC for SPACE, meaning they are FULL and killing a defenseless no named puppy would be easy. I made it my mission to save this little girl from that death sentence. She is a pit/retriever mix, spayed, healthy and weighs a mere 26 lbs. "Molly" has not had it easy. She is between 2 and 3 months old and since being dumped at the shelter has had to overcome other hurdles to her safety. When the woman who volunteered to pick-up "Molly" went to the Shelter, she was first told Molly was unavailable, had been tagged by a rescue??? no tag was on Molly except my name...but she could not be released, so fearing the worst she left the building.

After several phone calls and IM's to Lauren Alyssia, who works closely with the shelter, I was assured if our contact, Suzanne Floyd returned to pickup "Molly" that she would have no problems. She made another trip to the shelter and this time when they actually brought "Molly" out, she was bleeding from her belly area. Her sutures from her spaying had come out and had ruptured. ACC assured her that "Molly" would immediately be seen by a Vet at the shelter and they would make sure she was well taken care of right away and to return Monday to pick her up. Animal Support & Rescue tagged her immediately to insure her safety. Had we not had her pulled out of her cage to rescue that Friday, her surgery site probably would have gone septic and she most likely would have died over the weekend from infection.

The hours passed and myself and her new Mom & Dad in MN stomach's were in knots waiting to hear that Molly had been picked up and was SAFE, out of the building and would NEVER see the inside of a shelter again. Yesterday, Suzanne went to pickup Molly at noon. She described her in this manner, "Molly is a PRECIOUS little girl. She was shy, but so sweet. Just a doll baby. She like the treats & being out of shelter, but was a little scared. She is at Animal House now in good hands. I will visit her tomorrow. She has her little halo to protect her incision."

Tori Clark from Paws Forever Rescue donated a 4 day stay at Animal House so "Molly" is at Animal House in Benbrook, TX now and she is doing well. She is pretty scared, not knowing what to expect next of course but we plan to change all that. We need to get her home to MN and to see a VET asap to insure her surgery site heals and she does not get any infection. We are also concerned she might catch something while at the boarding kennels. Fact is, we just need to get her safely HOME to Minneapolis, MN or Olivia, MN.

UPDATE: Molly came down with a URI and is now being treated with antibiotics at ABC Vet Clinic in DFW. She is doing ok and ready for transport ASAP. She will be on meds for another 2 weeks approximately, but time is precious, as its costing $21 a day for Vetting...we have transport to OK City on 10/8 and another transport willing to pick her up on 10/8-10/9, whenever we can get the second leg filled in of three. Also the Betzler's are looking at adopting another sweet boy named Oscar, he too was to be KILLED for SPACE, he is a yr old, vetted, neutered, healthy and ready to come home to MN, they are working on that now, so transport would be for the two dogs, due to URI, best not to fly any additional pups, so as not to spread the URI to others.

I live in Renville, MN 10 min away from Olivia airport and they live in St.Paul, MN. They are also willing to drive as far as Nebraska to get this little girl, looking at the map if we could get two pilots to donate a trip 250-300 miles each, we could get her pretty dang close...Sioux City, IA...Sioux Falls,SD...Omaha, NE...Des Moines, IA...Chicago, IL... Any and all help that we can get from all of you "Pilots" out there is greatly appreciated. My Dad was a pilot for many years. He has had to retire for health reasons but I remember loving sitting next to him as his "co-pilot". What you ALL do is AMAZING!!! You are ANGELS, one & ALL!!! THANK YOU!!! Can't wait to talk to those special pilots who take on this assignment, again, you are extraordinary individuals!!! Thank you, one & all!!!

Paws Crossed in MN,

Barb Fitz
Chris, Jill and Ellie Betzler
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Re: TRANSPORT from Texas to Minnesota

Postby buckley1305 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:36 pm

Going to Ottawa, KS (KOWI) this friday (Oct.5). Can fly Molly from Fort Worth Meacham field (KFTW) to KOWI. Planning on leaving KFTW around 8am. Very slow aircraft so we should land in KOWI around 4pm. Let me know.
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Re: TRANSPORT from Texas to Minnesota

Postby Twoby20 on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:38 pm

I am curious if you might have someone in Texas to drive her north at all? I know of a run that is headed to Minnesota by car. I can't promise, but I might be able to get her added to the run, if someone could get her to Altus, OK by Saturday morning. Is this possible?
Please email me at ASAP.

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