Greenville, SC Includes PNP in their Proclamation!

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Greenville, SC Includes PNP in their Proclamation!

Postby admin on Wed Jun 17, 2009 12:56 pm

Hi all,
I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the Greenville County SC Council Board Meeting last night. I was asked by the Manager of the Greenville County Animal Care Services (aka shelter) to attend representing Pilots N Paws as they were a part of this Proclamation. I assumed she meant because we are involved with animal rescue work but no, she meant we really were named in the Proclamation! It was heartwarming to see so many rescue folks attend the meeting and at least 8 good canine citizen therapy dogs were there as well. I can share with you that the comments I received from rescues were very grateful ones and nice to hear in person. Below is the text of the beautifully framed proclamation. We are making a difference folks! Interesting side note: notice the number of animals referenced is 5000?? Hmmmmmm, is that a sign?? :D


On a Motion from Councilor Liz Seman
Greenville County Council honors the outstanding accomplishments of
Greenville County Animal Care Services
and the Animal Rescue Agencies Supporting Greenville County

WHEREAS, in June of 2009 Greenville County Animal Care Services proudly celebrates more
than 5,000 animal rescues; and

WHEREAS, the incredible rescue success is a product of an innovative program called HARPP,
Humane Animal Rescue Placement Program, and the dedicated efforts of animal rescue groups
that take unwanted, abandoned, and abused shelter pets until a suitable permanent home can be
found; and

WHEREAS, since the inception of the HARPP program in 2007, the Greenville County Animal
Care Staff has reached out to 267 rescue groups and animal care agencies in 27 states across the
United States, successfully giving sheltered animals a second chance at life when adoption
opportunities have failed; and

WHEREAS, Greenville County’s re-homing efforts have been so successful that the HARPP
program has been called a “best practice” in animal sheltering, and County staff has been asked to
share their story with other area agencies in hopes that their success can be duplicated throughout
South Carolina and the Southeast; and

WHEREAS, the passionate and skillful work of both GCACS staff and the Pilots-n-Paws
organization brought outstanding national attention to Greenville County when they were
featured on NBC Nightly News in the “Making a Difference” segment; and

WHEREAS, the success of the HARRP program is directly related to the unwavering dedication
of the Greenville County Animal Care Services staff that implemented and executes the program
and the commitment of countless animal rescue groups, agencies, and advocates that work
tirelessly to protect and save Greenville County’s unwanted and forgotten pets;

NOW, THEREFORE, Greenville County Council does hereby honor the staff of
Greenville County Animal Care Services
and the Animal Rescue Agencies Supporting Greenville County
and congratulates all of them on the success of their animal rescue efforts and lauds the amazing
accomplishment of 5,000 saved.
Signed on this the 16th day of June 2009

Herman G. “Butch” Kirven, Chairman, Greenville County Council
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