Can you help me Get Odie from Tucson, AZ to Trenton, NJ?

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Can you help me Get Odie from Tucson, AZ to Trenton, NJ?

Postby SecretAAgentman on Thu Apr 25, 2013 4:18 am

Number of animals being transported: 1
Breeds, weight, age: Lab/Shepard/Border Collie Mix, 60 lbs., Aproximately 2 y/o
Health Condition: None
Heart worm Status: Clear.
Vaccinations: Rabies, Parvo, Distemper
Health Certificate: Available.
Spay/Neutered: Yes.
Special needs: No.
Name of Sending Rescue/Parties: PACC Pima county Animal Care Center
Name of Receiving Rescue/Parties: Austin Fountain
Contact information (publicly viewable on forum):
Are you a 501c3: No
Additional Info/situation: I was in Arizona visiting my Grandmother and decided on a whim to check out the local shelter. (I know shelter dogs are scared and human interaction helps their chances of adoption) I have been looking to adopt a dog since my 14 y/o Lab died back in September. I walked through the facility passing out treats and love and there was this sweet brown boy with white on his chest that quietly caught my eye. He didn't jump, He didn't bark, but his eyes lit up and his tail wagged vigorously. I kept walking and looking over the faces; dogs eagerly awaiting a friendly hand to lick. Some whimpering, some barking and yelping, others just quietly laying down, and then there was Odie. I don't know what it was but, there was just something about him. One of the volunteers came over to me and asked if I wanted to see a dog. I said sure, pointed out Odie and off we went to the little play pen. On the way to the pen I was informed he was picked up as a stray about a week before, and that no one had come to claim him, that he was up to date on his shots and good with other dogs. We got in the pen and I quickly learned that he had no idea what to do with a ball, didn't know what to do with a rope, and wasn't interested in squeak toys. He was interested in love. His calm demeanor and intelligent eyes told me everything I needed to know. He would sit on command and seemed to understand how to lie down with out any prior coaching. He learned to give me his paw within 5 minutes. His gentle nature and sweet disposition just continued to unfold as our time together continued. He would heel with me when I walked around the pen, never jumped unless I invited him up, and would nuzzle his head against my leg while we were standing together. The volunteer came back and said that it looked like we had really bonded. I told the volunteer that I was leaving for New Jersey very early in the morning today (Thursday April 25, 2013) and wouldn't be able to take him because he won't be ready. (They have to neuter him before he gets adopted out) As I sat in the chair he came up to me and very gently put himself in my lap as if to say "Are you taking me home?". I walked him back to his kennel and said good-bye but couldn't get him off my mind. The PACC hasn't even had the chance to put his picture up on their website yet. When/if they do I will post the link. I think I found my dog and I need help getting him home, Can somebody help me?
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Re: Can you help me Get Odie from Tucson, AZ to Trenton, NJ?

Postby deeogee1 on Mon Apr 29, 2013 8:36 pm

I see you've posted in several different areas of the board. One thing no one has suggested (since this is such a long distance) is to check out Operation Roger
where OTR truckers volunteer to transport pets.

A segment recently aired about this group on NBC Nightly news.
Operation Roger is a group of volunteer truck drivers who transport animals from kill shelters and rescue groups to families willing to adopt them.
Now retired, Sue Wiese started the nonprofit, named after her late Manchester Terrier, Roger, after listening to grim stories coming out of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in August 2005. As she drove one night, Wiese said she prayed for guidance on how to help the pets stranded by the storm. She says she remembered saying, “Lord, I am just a truck driver, is there anything I can do to help?” Then it came to her: transportation.
Almost eight years later, Operation Roger has 50 truck drivers. Their two coordinators locate a driver who will be traveling near the pet’s destination, or they locate a series of truckers who can do a relay to move the rescued animal from one state to the other until finally arriving at the home of the adoptive family. ... -time?lite

Good luck~~I hope you are able to get Odie home soon.

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