ABANDONED Border Collie male needs home

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ABANDONED Border Collie male needs home

Postby animal lover on Thu May 16, 2013 11:38 am

Hi! I am new here and can't find my way around yet. I guess I am requesting a rescue for a Border Collie that showed up in our back yard about two weeks ago. He is unneutered, he has been beaten before as he is very hand shy, he loves people, but is not trained and will knock over children 10yrs. and younger. He is underweight, between 1-2years old, andy hyper. He has a scab in both ears in the same spot, as if someone tried to punch something thru his ears. My dad want to take him to the pound on Saturday, so I am in a rush to get a response from anyone. So if anyone has any advice on what to do please let me know. We do not have internet at home, but I try to check my email daily; anyone can reach me at mgfarmstephanie@gmail.com Thank-You and I hope someone can help. we do not have a lot of money but we could probrably drive him to a nearby airport. The Fort Wayne Indiana International Airport, or the Dekalb County Airport.
animal lover
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Re: ABANDONED Border Collie male needs home

Postby suzy on Thu May 16, 2013 12:29 pm

Hello animal lover,
I'm sorry, but PilotsNPaws only transports animals. Your best bet would be to search the internet (maybe at the library?) for border collie rescues or all-breed rescues and contact them directly. They will want a picture of the dog and all the information you just supplied. Hope this helps.
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