Pinson - Daschound cross

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Pinson - Daschound cross

Postby Shellykaren on Mon Sep 09, 2013 3:11 pm

Hello, I've posted once before on getting Benji and Zoey here but ended up cancelling the post due to some frustration. They made it to Canada from Texas :D So two happy pups. Now, I've got a daschound cross, Pinson that was actually on his way here it was realized that they mixed the pups up confusion as to who Benji was and who Pinson was paperwork all wrong, needless to say 3 hours later, the couple went back bless their hearts) picked up Benji and then Pinson was still waiting for someone to adopt him. I was under the impression he was already going to someone or else I'd have taken him as well then. Now feeling a sense of responsibility for him, and as this error had also allowed the couple to miss a horrific storm that they would have been right in the middle of, we decided that Pinson needs to be here as well. Both Benji and Pinson were "cell-and playmates" at the rescue. So where is he... He is in Fort Worth Texas, he is 20 pounds. Where does he need to go? To British Columbia.

I know the restrictions on nautical miles and that it would be "Hop Scotching him til he got close enough. Now if I can get him to Bellingham? or somewhere close to the US / British Columbia Canada border I'd be most grateful and could get up there to get him. or have the rescue from Vancouver, BC meet up with him there. I need help figuring how to post this. My problem and frustration is with the airlines call centers as well as I got several different answers from each of them. So please help.
You can email me direct
Thank you
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Re: Pinson - Daschound cross

Postby deeogee1 on Tue Sep 10, 2013 7:25 am

Ft Worth to Bellingham is just under 1500 nm. Our pilots fly an average of 200 nm each, so you can see the difficulty here.
Even if the weather was perfect for flying & no one had unforeseen mechanical issues, getting 7 or 8 pilots lined up in sequence along with overnight fosters is just not possible. How did you get the first 2 dogs transported?
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