Airline employees able to transport?

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Airline employees able to transport?

Postby Eaglepilot6 on Sat Nov 09, 2013 9:36 am

I'm an airline emplyee and I've been trying to get approval to use benefits for PNP transport. I work for a regional carrier and have travel benefits on multiple airlines but cannot get approval from anyone for this purpose. I've communicated it clearly that this is non-profit purely volunteer work.

Have any airline employees had success in getting approval for transport?

I am currently in atlanta and am planning on transporting on my days off.

Admins: I cannot find a reply button for users on this topic. Can we add one? If not please PM me for future contact/advice. Thanks!!
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Re: Airline employees able to transport?

Postby admin on Sun Nov 10, 2013 7:51 pm

Hi there and thank you for volunteering with PNP and working towards using your airline employee status to help animals in need.

I do know that other airline employees have transported animals in cabin and also in cargo. That being said, I think they did so by paying, or perhaps the rescue groups paying, for whatever the employee charges are to transport a pet? Just guessing. I do know we have had some airline captains take animals along as well, sometimes in cabin, other times in cargo.

Our sister org in Canada has an entire network of flight volunteers who accompany rescue animals on commercial flights. I don't have first hand knowledge of how they accomplish this but it is with an airline that we do not have in the U.S., or at least I believe it is?

We would love to partner with a commercial airline and have some type of a working relationship but so far, we have only made it into a couple of the sky magazines!

If you would like to pursue this further, please email us directly at and perhaps we can work on this together. If anyone else has input on this topic, please reply!

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Re: Airline employees able to transport?

Postby deeogee1 on Wed Nov 13, 2013 5:25 pm

I am posting this for Corinne as she was not able to get it posted. You can contact her through
her user name: rcpmueller

I wanted to respond to your request re transporting as an airline employee.
I'm a retiree of Delta in Tampa, FL and have flown several small dogs
in-cabin under the seat. I have never encountered any problem while doing this, since
there is no monetary gain on my part. (the gain is for the dog!) Are you wishing to fly
the animal while you are on duty? If so, that is probably something that needs research.
All of my flights are free (as well as the dog) with my retiree status as long as the dog fits under the seat.

I've been trying to connect with other airline people to assist with these requests, and
haven't had much luck.

There is a tremendous demand out there for this type of transport, and I
wish all of us willing could work together in this endeavor.

I hope I have answered some of your questions, if not, ask away!

Please feel free to stay in touch or share requests for transport...where
are you?

Corinne Mueller
Tampa, FL
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