International Transport

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International Transport

Postby mmainil on Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:36 pm


does Pilot N Paws do international transport?

Here is a compelling story that could use an international transport:


I am an NGO person, mom of a rescued mix lab (Atlas) who traveled the world with me as a working dog for the past year. We just came back to DC, our home, from a 6 months assignment in Kenya. I got some bad news concerning a very special black lab from Kenya today. I am writing as I am thinking you might be able to help in some way.

When I arrived to my rented apartment in Kenya, the previous tenants had left a black lab mix (Nero) behind. He was scared of everything, and even bit me when I got in. But with love, patience, and a doggy friend (my lab mix), he became a really sweet dog. Towards the end of my stay in Kenya, he had become an adoptable dog, and I found him a family a few weeks before leaving the country.

Everything was going well between Nero and his new family (a couple), but today I heard Nero was at the K[enyan]SPCA . The couple, which was in Kenya to stay, apparently had a problem in Kenya and decided to leave. They were not able to take Nero with them.

The KSPCA in Kenya does its best but is not the best place to be, to say the least. I am pretty sure Nero feels scared and multi-abandoned, and who knows how he will react and the KSPCA staff will react in this context.

I wish I could jump on a plane right now, go get him, bring him back, and offer him a home. But financially, I am not able to take even the first step. I have contacted all the avenues and possibilities I can think of in Kenya for help, but am not sure it will be enough to do something. So I am reaching out to see if you might know an org (you? labmix rescue? combination?) who might be able to help. Below is the flyer I put together to rehome Nero, fyi.

Thank you for your wonderful work, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts,


About Nero:

Hello! My name is Nero and I am looking for a great home!

About me, in brief: I am 7 years old going on 5. Seriously, I beat any 4 years old pup at jogging (my vaccinations are up to date, too). I am a handsome gentleman (yes, I am neutered) of the black lab mix specie. I weight 35 kilos, so even tough I am friendly; nobody will mess with you with me by your side.

My favorite things to do are: exercising (which I need a lot of), rolling around in the grass, swimming, licking my peanut butter Kong, sleeping in my bed (which is inside the house), and talking (and I mean talking, not barking). I also really enjoy the first and last bladder reliefs of the day, which I always do outside.

My thoughts on other animals (including little humans): I live with another dog at the moment. He is a cool gentleman (also) who taught me some good doggy manners. He doesn’t look for trouble, so that I have no reason to get annoyed and do something stupid. I like kids; they need to be experienced with dogs, and old enough to know how to be polite with a dog, as I can be nervous sometimes.

I don’t think I would do well with little dogs and cats, because, well, they are fun to chase and I wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone. You don’t want me loose around chickens (people, my ancestors were bird hunters!) I have seen horses in the neighborhood. I am curious about them.
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Re: International Transport

Postby deeogee1 on Sun Mar 02, 2014 7:46 pm

PNP does not do international transports. You might try contacting
International Fund for Animal Welfare to see if they can help or refer you to a group that could.
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Re: International Transport

Postby mmainil on Sun Mar 02, 2014 9:21 pm

Thank you for the advice.
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