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Rescues & Others

Here is an explanation about how Pilots N Paws works and instructions on how to use the forum board to assist you with transport requests.

We have listed below the procedure for posting your request. PNP is a volunteer group, there are no scheduled flights or fees. Pilots read a request on the board and if they can help out they will contact you directly.Here’s what you need to do. Go to this website.  After you have registered and filled out the form, replied to the email that is sent to your inbox, go to either the website and click on “Request a Transport”  or go directly to the Board Index that should appear once you reply to your automatic authorization reply.

Once on the Board Index, (be sure you are logged in, upper right corner) you will see a section for Animals Needing Transport. Open that forum. Then click on NEW TOPIC (left hand top window). A blank message will come up. Fill in the subject line with the cities and states of the sending and receiving locations.

Then put all the information for contact, size of dog, special needs, temperament, etc. in your message. Next hit submit and your post should show up  on the board. Your message will not post if you do not have the zip codes enter. We recommend choosing larger well known cities close to your sending and receiving areas, it is just easier for pilots to immediately see where the animals are located that way.


The average distance one pilot can cover is around 250 to 300 nautical miles (roughly 350 ground miles) We are all volunteers and PNP has created a place where you can network with pilots to see if anyone is headed the direction you need. It might be possible for you to find someone in our commercial aviation volunteer section. We never know who is flying where until you make your request. Keep in mind that pilots are very controlled by weather which can cause last minute delays so please have a back up plan ready.

We ask that the pilots check the Animal Need board frequently. If a pilot can help you, they will contact you directly and the two of you will coordinate the transport. The pilots are controlled by weather and air space so they are the ones who choose the day, the time and the airports. You can suggest airports to them that are in your area, but ultimately they decide where to fly in to. It is always a good idea to have a back up plan in case the weather turns bad quickly or their could be a mechanical issue causing the transport to be delayed. Those of us in rescue need to accommodate the pilots as they are giving us a huge gift by helping us get our fur kids where they need to go.

Again, please keep in mind that most small plane general aviation pilots have a 300 mile fly out distance. Pilots have varying degrees of plane size and capabilities and they will let you know what they can and cannot do. If your request is a longer distance, we have seen pilots work together with other pilots or ground transport. It just takes more coordinating on your end.

You can also check the Pilot Offer board to see who may be along the route you are requesting. You can contact the pilot/s directly via email if they have one listed or through private message on the board. Please do not post a request under the Pilots Offer board. You can also look a the pilot map on our homepage, scroll down, and click on larger view. When you do that, a list of all the pilots comes up on the left hand side of the page. Find one you want to contact, click on it, and it will take you to their contact page.

Recently, a new feature has been added but you have to post your transport request first. Once that is posted, then go back to your post and at the top under the subject line of it you will see “Map this Request” in red. When you click on that, a Google map comes up with all the pilots listed along the specific route you requested. Volunteer rescue fosters will be listed as well though it is up to each sending and receiving rescue to check them out.

There is also a section on Commercial Transport offers. Several people who work for the airlines have volunteered to help fly animals as part of their job.  Along with this section, there is a wonderful article one of our commercial pilots has written that if extremely informative on how to go about using Commercial airlines. It is on our Pilots N Paws homepage.

DISCLAIMER: The views and comments entered in these forums are personal and are not those of Pilots N Paws. Rescue flights are the responsibility of the sending and receiving parties and pilots. Pilots N Paws is only an electronic meeting place for those seeking to make arrangements for rescue flights. Pilots N Paws does not arrange for rescue flights, coordinate transports and/or rescue animals. Pilots volunteer their time and aircraft to the sending and receiving parties, not to Pilots N Paws.  Pilots N Paws is not responsible or liable for the conduct of any pilots or flights. Compliance with applicable law and the conduct of flights are the responsibility and liability of the sending and receiving parties and pilots.