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Pilots N Paws was founded in 2008 by animal-lover Debi Boies and pilot Jon Wehrenberg. The idea first took flight when Jon agreed to help Debi by flying a rescued Doberman from Florida to South Carolina, to save the dog’s life. The trip was a success and the two brainstormed on how to rescue other animals. Spay/Neuter campaigns in parts of the country were working, while in others parts, primarily in the south, pet overpopulation was still a huge problem. There had to be a way to turn a problem into a solution. Former pets were dying needlessly. They needed transport.

The dream quickly became a reality when the website, was launched, to provide a location where private pilots willing to provide free transport, and people and organizations who rescue, shelter or foster animals, could connect to save lives. Today the organization has 4,300 pilot volunteers and 10,551 volunteers.

Each year, the volunteers of Pilots N Paws save thousands of lives. Those lives come in the form of any animal that can be transported using a plane. Dogs, cats, pigs, reptiles and rabbits are just a few who have taken one of our flights.

Pet overpopulation is a disturbing problem in the United States. More than 4 million no-longer-wanted pets are euthanized each year. While spay/neuter programs have worked to decrease domestic animal populations in some parts of the country, other areas are considered high-kill. A staggering 70% of dogs that enter shelters in the southern part of the country are euthanized. Until now, there have been few options for these innocent victims. Pilots N Paws is helping to change that.

Thank you for contacting us. By publicizing the work of Pilots N Paws, you are helping make positive change.

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If you are doing a story that involves our organization, please feel free to use our logo with our permission.

30 Responses to “Media”

  1. Jani Gunsaulus 14. Feb, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    Hello I just heard about your organization tonight from Westminster Dog Show in New York City….I have a therapy dog Black Labrador..although we live in Ipswich, ma…we have family in Tryon,, I would love to visit your organization. We will be in that area, in mid April Tryon .. look forward to hear from you.. cheers Jani Gunsaulus …

  2. Hey Jani,
    Wonderful to hear about your therapy dog, such worthwhile work. Our organization is national though our mailing address is in Landrum, SC so there is not a headquarters for you to visit :-) Hopefully, there is a Pilots N Paws volunteer close by no matter where you travel!

  3. Do you guys have a Facebook page? I’d love to “like” it and drum up some support!


  4. We need all the support we can get. You can find PnP on facebook here:

  5. Christena O'Brien 12. Mar, 2012 at 10:58 am

    My name is Christena O’Brien, and I’m a reporter in Eau Claire, WI. I’m also a huge animal nut. Anyway, I just learned of your organization, and I’m wondering if any pilots are from west-central Wisconsin for a possible story? Thanks.

  6. Hi Christena, if you will send an email to we will do our best to search for a pilot in your area. Thank you for your interest!

  7. Hi,

    Recently saw an article on t.v. about Pilots ‘n Paws.

    We have been looking for a female Keeshond, anywhere from 1 year old up. We have rescued 7 Keeshonds over the last 30 years.

    Is there some way (web site) we might find Keeshonds that need to be rescued?

    Thank you for the great service you provide.


  8. Hi Debbie, I’m doing a story for a national women’s trade magazine and I just needed to know where the organization was actually located. I was thinking South Carolina. However, I know the Dog is my Co-pilot will take place in North Carolina.

  9. Hi – I’m a Community Photog with the FL Times-Union and I’ve been assigned to cover your event in Jacksonville, FL 10/29 at Craig Airfield. The event is listed on our “tog” calendar for 4pm and I wanted to make sure that’s a valid time. Thanks!

  10. Hi there,
    I am a former animal massage therapist/current Applied Zoopharmacognosy student who just today learned about your wonderful organization. I just posted a short article about you on my blog and wanted to share:

    Your work is truly inspiring, thank you for helping all these animals!

  11. Just learned of the PNP program on Brian Williams “Making a Difference”.

    I’m a volunteer at Wayside Waifs No Kill Shelter in Kansas City, Mo. Is there a pilot in the K.C. area or have there been rescues with PNP in K.C? I did read about the one in Columbia, Mo.

    What a great idea! And so generous of pilots who participate — and all involved for that matter! I would like to see PNP and WW cosponsor an event in K.C.!

    Thanks for all you do!
    Sue Hodes

  12. Sue a big YES! You must have missed the four dogs flown to Sarah Little and Wayside Waifs from our Pilots N Paws Flyway event last month? All four came from a kill shelter to find new homes thanks to pilot Sam Taylor who literally flew the extra miles! Thank you to Wayside Waifs for opening your doors!

  13. Hi my name is Lu Costa and my Dad, Bob Fisher, is adopting Shana. Shana is a 2 year-old black lab/mix who was transported to maine with her 7 puppies in October. Thank you for all that you do!

  14. We’ve worked with you on several basset rescues and I’d like to create a Pilots N Paws float for our BoardWaddle team in this year’s Doo-Dah Parade in Ocean City, NJ. May have permission to use your logo?


  15. Hi Karen, please send an email request to We would be happy to work with you regarding our logo. Thanks for all you do!

  16. Howdy! I’m a line technician over here at KHWY and just wanted to thank yall for your services! I’d love to share the link to your site on our FB with your permission. Also, I have some pics for you guys which I’ll send to you via FB. Keep up the great work!

  17. Thanks to a few ppl in Tennessee & Jim from a Pilots & Paws I now have another addition to my family. I love my dogs

  18. Hi! I volunteer for a local dog rescue here in MA and I would love to become involved in your organization. Such an amazing group of people, coming together and working with each other for the same cause. The true concept of what a ‘team’ really is. Do you have any local volunteers in the MA/NH area? I’d love to be hands on, doing what ever is needed to provide support. Thanks!!!! Julie

  19. Julie, thank you for already volunteering for a rescue and your interest in helping Pilots N Paws. There are often times coordinators need a temporary foster and help with ground transportation. You can register to help here, There is a section for Other Volunteer Offers if you would like to post additional details. If you happen to live near a small airport, posting this flier ( in the terminal or FBOs always helps to spread the word.

  20. I would like to say thank you for the work this group does. The pilots and other volunteers are amazing! I just had to write a blurb about you guys in blog. Here is the link if you want to check it out
    Keep up the good work.

  21. You are performing a wonderful service, but please correct your facts on numbers killed in the US. According to the latest nationwide statistics from Maddie’s Fund, the figure is 2.4 million adoptable dogs and cats that are killed in shelters. While this number sounds like a lot, remember that over half are cats, and that there are an estimated 185 million pet-owning households in the US. Enough to easily absorb any adoptable shelter pets. Thanks to groups like yours, that is happening. If we had proactive shelter managers there would be NO adoptable dogs killed, because there are plenty of homes available for them, as evidenced by the need for transportation services to areas with shortages.

  22. A huge shout out to Ed Hansen who picked up Cooper in MD and took him to CT where Charlie Malo and his nephew Lou proceeded to bring him to us in Manchester NH. Thanks to those on the ground and in the air. He will see the vet today for care and he has you to thank for his new chance at a healthy life.

  23. Simply amazing work by everyone involved with your fantastic organization !! Thank you from a family that only adopts dogs.

    My question is, was the film that you were raising funds and support for, able to be completed ?
    I hope so !! If so, where can it be viewed ?

    Keep up the GREAT work !!

  24. This info is worth everyone’s attention. How can I find
    out more?

  25. Big Dogs Huge Paws 07. May, 2014 at 9:05 pm

    A big shout out to pilot Dr. Kelly Hale, who flew a Great Dane with Addison’s from San Marcos, TX to Laurel, MT on three days notice last weekend! Odin the Dane made it from his foster home to his forever family with very little stress and much comfort! Kelly said our boy rode very well, and rested his head on his shoulder the majority of the way! We got some good photos too, if there is anywhere to share them!

  26. Yes, please do share them by sending the photos and the story to We will schedule the story to launch on our website, facebook and twitter. Thank you all!

  27. I just wanted to Thank You for giving your time to help these animals in need..I Pilot-N-Paws is a wonderful organization..

  28. We have been fortunate to have PNP fly numerous dogs for our rescue (HBDRNY) and I was wondering how the stories get submitted for the PNP main page. I see Jim Carney (who has flown many of our dogs north) on there often but have no idea how to get some of our flights posted. Thanks Jay

  29. Send your stories, along with a few pictures, to pilotsnpaws at It helps if you can provide a little background about the animals and not just the logistics of the flight.