Special Event: “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway

Pilots N Paws “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway
September 28-29, 2012

Chip, our coverboy , is in the book !

The weekend of September 28-29th Pilots N Paws will be holding its fourth annual awareness event, the “Dog Is My Copilot” Flyway, at the Charlotte-Monroe Executive Airport (KEQY). Several pilots will fly in to KEQY Friday evening to prepare for Saturday morning’s mass transport of hopefully 200 or more animals out of this North Carolina base to rescues that can find forever homes for them. Early Saturday morning pilots will begin loading their planes with rescue animals from shelters and transporting them via relays to participating rescues that have the capabilities to find them forever homes.

The “Dog Is My Copilot” Flyway derived its name from the Pilots N Paws book by Patrick Regan that chronicles two dozen PNP rescue missions and was just released in June. The event is expected to be the largest one-day annual event in the history of Pilots N Paws. In 2011, pilots transported 174 dogs and 1 kitten out of Florence, SC in memory of the Chesterfield 22. After the BP oil spill in 2010, they flew 171 animals out of New Orleans. This year they expect to supersede their record of animals flown in one weekend.

Please support Pilots N Paws in this life changing event! Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made at: http://pilotsnpaws.org/donate/
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7 Responses to “Special Event: “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway”

  1. Hey there. I am a PNP pilot (31) missions so far and want to attend the 9/29/12 flyaway event. How do I sign up??

  2. Here is the list of info needed. Please send it to pilotsnpaws@gmail.com Thanks for volunteering to participate!

    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Phone
    4. Email
    5. Airport base
    6. Will you be in arriving in Charlotte/Monroe NC (KEQY) on Friday or early Saturday morning?
    7. Are you volunteering to fly from KEQY for a full transport route or to connect with a second pilot?
    8. Nm willing to fly
    9. Type aircraft, number and size/weight of animals you can transport? Crated only or will you tether a larger dog?
    10. T-Shirt size for you and your copilot as well if you have one.All shirts are unisex sizes
    11. Tail Number
    12. IFR/VFR
    13. If you are flying in on Friday, the day before the transport, how many hotel rooms will you need?
    14. Have you worked with an all breed rescue in your area? If so, please share the contact information so we can ask them if they would like to participate. We are particularly in need of approved receiving rescues for pilots heading West or Southwest from Charlotte/Monroe.
    15. If you are available the following weekend if weather delays the event.

  3. Hi, my name is Sindee Krakauer and my rescue group is Sindee’s Strays. I have been rescuing dogs, cats, puppies & kittens for 21 years. I was wondering if there might be any room on your “Dog is My Copilot” event for any other dogs or puppies. Also, which airports in the Northeast are they flying into?

  4. I have a request already posted but was wondering if there was room for one more from a San Antonio recuse to come North to CT

  5. Richard Lewis 08. Sep, 2012 at 4:42 pm

    Do we have a schedule of events for Friday and Saturday? Might help with flight planning.

  6. How can I adopt?!

  7. During the news segment aired in NY yesterday there were a few glimpses of a black puppy with long ears and paws dipped in white with one of them being a longer ‘sock’ with spots. How can I find out more about this puppy?