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Moontown Rescue #54

Moontown Rescue #54


August 12, 2017; Written by Mary Brooks:

Todd and Tim started their 54th Pilots N Paws rescue at Moontown (3M5) airport.  The weather that morning was low fog but had started to lift as the dogs arrived at the airport.  This was unique as we were replacing legs 3 through 9 of a 14-leg ground transport.  The three dogs Pooh, Brutus, and Bubbles started early that morning from Winfield, AL to Cullman, AL (leg 1), then Cullman, AL to Moontown (Leg 2).

Pooh is a shy Belgian Malinois mix that we loaded in a large crate in the baggage compartment.  Brutus, a Rottie mix, and Bubbles, a terrier mix, rode in the back seat as they are pack buddies and got along great.  Matter-of-fact, Brutus didn’t relax until Bubbles was onboard the aircraft with him.


Todd and Tim departed 3M5 about 9:30 am and climbed thru the clouds for an uneventful flight to Greenwood Municipal Airport (KHFY) 2.5 hours away.  They met Becki at the airport and loaded the dogs into her SUV.  Pooh, Brutus, and Bubbles then continued their ground transport.

We were glad to be part of such a wonderful and selfless group of people who are willing to ground transport these dogs.  We hope the airplane helped ease the burden on the dogs and the transporters, reducing a two-day transport into one. (at least for Pooh and Brutus).

As with all freedom flights, this one was particularly complex and chaotic (organized chaos), but ended very successful with minimal deviation or delay.  We appreciate how hard Pilots N Paws staff, the volunteers, and the flight crews work facilitating constantly changing dogs, destinations, times, and weather.

Unfortunately, many others aren’t as lucky and as you all know the only answer to this devastating issue is to spay/neuter/rescue.   All of these dogs are really sweet and they deserve to be curled up on the living room floor at night.


Subaru and Petsmate are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.

Cessna N2858F

Todd & Mary Brooks

Tim Knueven