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Elsa Receives Her Holiday Miracle

Elsa Receives Her Holiday Miracle

Thanks to Pilots-N-Paws and a “village” of caring individuals, Elsa received the gift of a new life for Christmas!  Elsa is an 8 month old, 37 pound, female shepherd with a loving personality. She’s friendly to cats, dogs and humans alike.

Elsa ready to board at KMGW


Saturday evening November 25th, humane officers picked her out of a ditch in rural WV.  They took her to the North Central WV Vet ER Clinic where they discovered a bullet wound that shattered her right shoulder and left a flesh wound in her left front leg. This was an older injury, at least a few days, as infection had already set in. Thankfully the cold weather helped keep the infection at bay. If it were in the summer, she would not have survived long enough to receive care.


Elsa at ER Vet


The ER vet contacted Debra Tennant with Mountaineers For Mutts (M4M) seeking help for the sweet dog, since the humane officers were facing euthanizing her due to the severity of her wounds.  M4M agreed to take her on and got her to their vet in Morgantown, WV.


Elsa waiting for amputation surgery.



X-rays showed buck shot in her left leg but the major wound was the result of a single bullet entering her right shoulder and tearing out her shoulder joint, leaving little to work with.  Dr. Seiler with Paw Prints Vet Clinic amputated her right front leg on November 27.



Elsa spent the next week at the vet clinic recovering.  Once she was well enough to go home from surgery, M4M foster parent Kristen Beaty-Graham took her in. Kristen saw to her daily dose of medication, physical therapy and most importantly, TLC.  In the meantime, Debra sought a breed-specific rescue to see to Elsa’s forever home placement.  She contacted fellow rescue friend, Amy Lusty who agreed to foster Elsa for the ECHO Dog White Shepherd Rescue. What better place for a white shepherd named Elsa?


Once Elsa was cleared by Paw Prints Vet Clinic for transport, Amy put into motion a plea to Pilots-N-Paws to get Elsa across 420 miles quickly, comfortably and safely.

Elsa onboard 83JW at KMGW.


Bob Rose stepped up for Pilots-N-Paws to provide the “direct flight” from Morgantown, WV to Lansing, MI.  Bob watched the weather closely, delaying the flight once, and dodged cold, inclement weather to make the early morning flight on December 21st to retrieve the precious cargo.


Elsa, Amy Lusty and Bob Rose at KTEW


Elsa greeted Bob at the airport with a wagging tail and kisses – just like she does with everyone she meets.  By early that afternoon she was safe with Amy, ready to fully rehab and begin her journey to find her forever home.


Elsa’s a wonderful, trusting dog who didn’t deserve what happened to her.  But thanks to several caring vets, rescue organizations, fosters and a PNP pilot – she’s getting her second chance at a good life.


Merry Christmas Elsa !!!!



A big thank you to the volunteers, veterinarians and rescues – North Central WV Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Paw Prints Veterinary Clinic, Mountaineers For Mutts, Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue and Pilots-N-Paws for making this happen!!


Petmate and Subaru are proud sponsors of Pilots N Paws.

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