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Final flight of the “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway to land in Kansas City in 2 hours

In just 2 hours the final flight of the Pilots N Paws “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway will land in Kansas City, Missouri. PNP Pilot Sam Taylor was grounded at the Kansas City Downtown Airport (KMKC) yesterday by inclement weather.

1 of over 300 lives saved by Pilots N Paws at the 2012 rescue flyway

Weather postponed Sam’s rescue flight, but it did not cancel it. Our PNP pilots are so determined and committed to their rescues that this morning Sam flew a rescue dog from Kansas City all the way to his new home in North Carolina.  After safely delivering this dog to his new family, Sam next picked up the remaining 4 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, and 1 kitten that were supposed to fly from Charlotte to Kansas City with him yesterday.

Upon landing, Sam will be greeted by Wayside Waifs Animal Rescue, an adopter from the greater Kansas City area, and an adopter from Lincoln Nebraska as well as news reporters covering the story.

Pilots N Paws pilots and rescue volunteers at the 2012 “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway

Thank you to all of our pilots and rescue volunteers for making the 4th annual PNP rescue flyway a huge success. With over 300 lives saved yesterday, the “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway will go down in world history as the largest animal rescue by air.

How great is it that despite the dicey weather, Sam ultimately made this rescue flight? Please comment with some words of encouragement for this final leg of the 2012 rescue flyway!


9 thoughts on “Final flight of the “Dog Is My Copilot” Rescue Flyway to land in Kansas City in 2 hours”

  1. Trula Lane says:

    I have worked once with PNP and was so pleased with the attitude of the pilot and the dedication he showed. How wonderful are these people and how heartfelt they are to their task.

  2. Joanne Menditto says:

    A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this wonderful mission to save the lives of these precious babies!! Pilots N Paws flew my sweet “Molly” (Eskie) to me this past June (2012), which included several planes starting in Michigan where she was being fostered. There’s no way I could have gotten her to PA from Michigan without their help! So, since I am a recipient of their love and commitment to helping animals — I truly say thank you from the bottom of my heart!! God bless you all !!!!

  3. Beta says:

    Thanks, everyone. I love your group! I do Facebook rescue networking, so I’ve seen how many times your help has saved a life 🙂

  4. jennifer says:

    Wow! Such dedication! Thank you so much for all that you do. These animals have finally found their angel… Xo

  5. debbie says:

    This is truly amazing. There is goodness and compassion, still,in our messed up world. Your kindness and generosity will forever be inspiring.

  6. Way to go Pilot Sam! Sorry I wasn’t able to ride along after the weather cleared. Congratulations to PNP for this great effort and to 300+ animals on their new lives!

  7. Norm Tipton says:

    My wife and I brought 3 dogs from Hickory for this event, 1 headed to his forever home and 2 to a rescue. We had to wait to get two of ours on a plane to New Jersey but that was OK. I was really inspired by the dedication of the Pilots-N-Paws Staff and the pilots to do everything possible to make sure no dogs got left behind. Despite weather concerns and pilots who could not get to Charlotte due to the weather, they made it happen. Every dog got a ride to safety. God Bless your organization and the good work you do. You folks are my heroes! I only wish I had a plane and a license so I could fly these tail waggers to safety myself. I am satisfied to do the ground part of transportation but envy those who fly.

  8. Joan Nickum says:

    Sam Taylor and all the PnP pilots are ROCK STARS!! I would be lost without them – they make impossible things possible for these animals all the time. This is vintage Sam, though – the weather might slow him down, but it seldom stops him. 🙂
    Thanks, Sam!!!

  9. Art Dreyer says:

    I gotta say, this event was something I will never forget! I flew one of the south Florida loads. (In the group photo I’m the big guy just to the right of the small banner being held). We had four passengers, and 12 pups and pregnant moms. Debi Bois and Jeff Bennett, (our team leader) never fail! I think we are the privledged ones to be able to do this. PNP ROCKS!!

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