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Pilots N Paws

Brock’s Kids Corner Facts and Ideas

Below are some amazing Pilots N Paws rescue facts, as well as animal safety information, and ways to raise money to help animals.

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Amazing Pilots N Paws Facts

  • Pilots N Paws has aided the rescue of nearly 150,000 animals since 2008!
  • Nearly 6,000 private pilots are registered with Pilots N Paws!
  • Volunteer pilots rescued over 500 animals in one-single day!
  • These pilots have even transported a snake, a bear cub & a dolphin!

Animal Safety

  • Be calm around animals. No jumping, screaming, yanking tails, pulling fur, or poking eyes.
  • Never sneak up on an animal. Approach from the side.
  • Never approach any animal, even your own, when he or she is eating, sleeping, chewing on a toy.
  • Always pet an animal gently. No pulling or tugging, and never from behind.
  • Ask the owner before petting an animal that you don’t know.
  • Remember that animals have feelings!
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Pilots N Paws Fundraising Ideas – Things you can do to Help Save the Animals

  1. Set up a bake sale
  2. Instead of gifts for your birthday or other special events, ask for donations to be given to Pilots N Paws in your name
  3. In the summer, stay cool and sell lemonade at a lemonade stand, or at a sporting event, like your little sister’s or brother’s soccer game
  4. In the winter, stay warm and sell hot chocolate at a sporting event, like your little brother’s or sister’s hockey game
  5. Hold a garage sale and donate the proceeds to Pilots N Paws
  6. Earn some money for Pilots N Paws by helping your parents out by doing extra chores around the house
  7. For one month, at the end of each day, empty the change that mysteriously accumulates in your pockets or backpack and donate it to Pilots N Paws

Did you Know?

  • Your dog knows you first by smell!
  • Dogs don’t enjoy being hugged as much as humans.
  • Your dog’s hearing is five times better than yours!
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