Dogs For Our First Responders

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Dogs For Our First Responders

Post by RLL456 » Sat Jul 01, 2017 9:37 pm

My wife Marilyn and I make our home in Nashville, TN along with our therapy dog Molly. Molly was rescued by us 6 years ago and is now a therapy dog having passed over 200 visits making a lasting difference in lives young and old. She is now the "Crisis Response Canine" for our Nashville Fire Dept. and 911 dispatchers.

Over the last year we have been reaching out to our Police, Fire, 911 dispatchers, and first responders offering them a furever friend. Especially those who are under a lot of stress or dealing with PTSD. So any help with transport or a dog you think would be a good fit would be a blressing:)

Ron and Marilyn
[email protected]

Our therapy dog Molly "Live and In Color at Paducah, KY 911 dispatcher center sharing God's eternal live through the unconditional love of a dog!:) Molly also is a "Crisis Response Canine" for our Nashville, TN fire dept., police, and first responders. Molly is also trained to assist victims of crime and abuse especially children. ... eve-stress Training our volunteers nationally to use their faithful canine companion to bring joy laughter, and comfort to our first responders and 911 dispatchers. I also work with over 600 volunteers across the nation dispatching therapy dogs to police, fire, and first responders when called upon!

Chaplain Ron
US Army Retired
National Volunteer Therapy and Crisis Response Canine Trainer