Pilot needed, Cancun to Georgia, USA

Support such as ground transport, temp foster, promotional material, web help...
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Pilot needed, Cancun to Georgia, USA

Post by Mkyl89 » Wed Dec 26, 2018 9:18 am


My name is Micki. I am from Georgia, USA. I am currently in Cancun on vacation and have seen just how bad the stray animals are down here in Mexico.

she is about 25 or 30 pounds. She is great with kids, other animals and shows ABSOLUTELY NO AGGRESSION :)
She was abandoned about a year ago.
The doctor has done the exam and she has received her flight paperwork.
No mites or apparent issues on body.
Since it is the holidays, this has been super hard getting a hold of people and networking, in general.
My flight departs today, Wednesday 26th. I am just trying to line up a pilot now.

I am a waitress, have been for 14 years. I had 3 injuries in 6 months and was going through a lot. My girlfriend brought me on this trip for free. I just had to pay my airline ticket... I NEEDED THIS and I couldn't have been more thrilled because I met this dog. Its a bond like no other.
When you give her food and water, she looks at you and you would think,,, She is REALLY saying `Thank You`.
I did graduate from college. Associates. I just cannot use it until my body has fully recovered.
My point; I am in a tight spot.
I can do a little something for donation but wont be much!

Thank you so much!!