Beginner's question--how to get a dog released for transport

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Beginner's question--how to get a dog released for transport

Post by shamdog6 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 10:01 pm

Hi there, brand new to this board so I have a beginner's question. How does one go about getting a shelter or rescue to release a dog for transport to be adopted elsewhere? I'm in eastern Nova Scotia, looking to adopt a 2-4yo rottie (or two) but they don't pop up very often out here. Seems like every rescue I've reached out to require an in-person meet'n'greet and many won't adopt outside of their own state. The shelters I have contacted to inquire about specific dogs only allow in-person adoptions. Even with the offer of paying for a commercial flight to rescue a dog, I've had zero luck. A friend mentioned PNP, and I'd drive to Maine if a dog could be transported there, but still having an issue of not being able to get any rescue or shelter to consider releasing a dog without a trip to their location to adopt in-person. Thanks!

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Re: Beginner's question--how to get a dog released for transport

Post by Maraline » Thu Nov 21, 2019 8:50 am

That can be difficult - you need someone to go in and pull the pet - even if that means they go in as the adopter - then keep or foster the pet until transport can be arranged and the pet is cleared medically to transport.
Some of the shelters are helpful with this and have pullers - others not so much.
I don't think if you tell them the pet is going to Canada they will help you.
You have to get around it. You might want to get a Rottie rescue group involved - there is one in every state. Google them - they probably even have Rotties available near you too.
Some veterinarians in the area where the pet is may know of pullers, but you have to find them.
Look for transport groups on Facebook - there is one in every state - like Maine Transport - so if the pet is in Maine - go to Maine Transport and post a request for help. Kind people pull pets - foster and even help transport.
Also on our website is a volunteer map - you can contact people who may be able to pull a pet for you and foster it until transport can be arranged - or suggest help.

Here's my list - I'm sure there are others I don't know of and I believe these people charge

If you are in need of a PULLER and TRANSPORTER please TEXT and/or CALL ASAP Karol Neville at 909-229-4584 - ALWAYS mention CORRECT ID# of the dog and your name and you can be reached - For a RESCUE ONLY- pull Karol needs to be authorized by the Rescue.

For PULLER and TRANSPORTER - Linda Stone: 714-394-5120 – CALL or TEXT - PayPal/email her with id# and contact#: - Magen Resq Arquette:

(Orange County CA - animal pull & transport on Facebook) ... t/?fref=ts

Also keep in mind our pilots don't cross borders - so if you get the pet out - they might be able to get the pet close to the border and someone would have to get it from there - much depends on pilot availability and weather - again always best to find pets that are already near you.

Hope this helps - it's not easy which is why often it's best to adopt from your own area - good luck and I hope you get your fur-baby home for the holidays