My shelter can help

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My shelter can help

Post by Onefoot42 » Tue Mar 16, 2021 3:36 pm

So a friend flew for your organization and passed on your info. I've seen thousands of dogs in need but this one very sad eyes baby and for whatever reason something hit me. to at least make the phone calls and reach out to see if anyone might be able to help or get me to someone who can.
My doggie is in Apple Valley. CA. If I could get someone to transport my shelter I'd willing to take five dogs. I have for did already one great dane service dog. But what I do know is dogs, I soak their language, I can get them to WANT to train. I feel confident from many past experiences I can take a dog that is running around crazy no manners, bottom line not adoptable and in two weeks they will be crate trained, potty trained (within limits you can't expect a newly trained dog to go to long but they will be on their way) heal (For a pet it's "walk right" which means you don't have to do the military march at my side it means NO pulling, No reacting to distractions. Sit, down, and a short of the leash stay or wait doesn't really matter the words just the consistency. In a month I can take any stabile dog with zero training and have him obedience trial ready.
I'm willing to do this for this baby. A loved, well trained, well adjusted dog is a ADOPTED dog.
I've never dealt with your rescue so I'll just lay it out. I will foster the one dog and my shelter has agreed to take in 5. It's a no kill shelter in theory. Meaning they don't had any rules that they can't, But they just haven't had to.
That would be 6 dogs from Apple Valley, CA to Steamboat springs, CO. Sorry for and typos I'm on my phone with the smallest keyboard ever

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Re: My shelter can help

Post by deeogee1 » Sat Mar 20, 2021 10:53 pm

There really isn't a question in your post, but it seems you may not understand how PNP works. This is a group of pilots willing to transport pets in their own planes to get to safe places. If you have arranged to pull dogs from a shelter you would then post a request for transport help in the Ride Board section of the forum. Transport is all we can help with.