Getting Started: Where You Can Look For Information

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Re: Getting Started: Where You Can Look For Information

Post by CndiGi » Tue Jul 05, 2022 8:04 am

I will checkout that PNPWebsites doc, thank you. This is my 2nd time attempting to use PNP & I’m losing faith. I was given a strong recommendation by a pilot that the program works so I’ve gone confidently. I posted needing a transport for a pup from FL to NH. The dog has come originally from Exuma so is with a foster in FL. I got replies for FL to GA & NJ to NH which I am grateful for but nobody else is stepping up for the middle legs. I have a post on the forum for fosters also & nobody is stepping up to foster in GA. My pup is in limbo. I recently emailed a half dozen pilots in GA, one replied so far saying he’s moving to Montana so can’t help, no other replies yet. I also emailed pilots in NJ asking if they could take her from anywhere to NJ as I am trying to fill in those middle legs. I’ll take any advice because I’m not sure what to do next besides driving to FL & getting her myself. I did set up the flight from FL to GA for next Mon so I have 6 days to get the next leg or foster set up. Thanks for your help.