5-week-old dog for long-distance transport

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5-week-old dog for long-distance transport

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Are Dyson Stick And Upright Vacuums Worth It?

Dyson possesses one of the biggest cult followings in the vacuum cleaner industry, cemented around its stylish machines. Those vacuums are known for their horrendously expensive price tags.

Can their performance live up to the hype? How do they compare against the models from other manufacturers?

First-time and seasoned shoppers ask those questions all the time when they have never actually used a Dyson product before. The look of those machines is certainly attractive. But how much does it help with picking up debris?

If your budget permits and you're serious about considering splashing money on such a premium choice, check out these notes below. They will help you have a better idea of what expectations you should have with Dyson vacuum cleaners.

1. Dyson Stick Vacuums

Cordless sticks are the most iconic lineup of all Dyson vacuums. It carries the look of what most people have in their mind about Dyson. And those machines are popular for good reason.

Dyson cordless sticks are well-built vacuum cleaners that allow you to perform quick cleanups around your house. They're light, compact, but powerful enough to deal with common debris. For some people, a good vacuum like that is all they ever need.

It's no exaggeration to say Dyson owns this particular market. Every manufacturer out there knows their cordless stick products will be compared to the offerings from Dyson.

The V11 is currently the flagship model of this British brand. And like its predecessor, the V11 performs well in most cleaning tests.

Dyson's motor technology plays a huge role in this impressive design. Thanks to the huge amount of money and time Dyson has spent on its research and development, the V11 is equipped with a compact motor that can deliver amazing suction power.

The best part about the V-series? You can convert all those machines into smaller handheld units. Getting into and cleaning all the corners around the house is a breeze with this mode.

Dyson introduced this 2-in-1 design because handheld vacuums aren't popular as they used to be, but there are still areas you will want a handheld. Incorporating this extra configuration eliminates the need of buying another machine and saves you some money. But to fully take advantage of this feature, you should know How to empty dyson vacuum.

Overall, as expensive as they are, Dyson's cordless sticks are still the market leader. Rival manufacturers may have produced good and cheaper models, but they still have a long road ahead to compete with the performance delivered by Dyson vacuums. Wonder where to buy them? Check the most convenient place in “Vacuum store near me”.

2. Dyson Upright Vacuums

The catalog of Dyson is more than just about its cordless sticks, however. The effort this company has put in bagless technology helps it develop amazing machines of other designs too. And Dyson's uprights are prime examples of this statement.

Most of those machines perform from above-average to very-good. However, some Dyson uprights seem to struggle with carpets.

Compared to its stick models, Dyson isn't the king of this design. You can easily find better models at more affordable price ranges from its competitors. On top of that, Dyson vacuum not sucking is a common problem.

It's important to note that Dyson has announced that it no longer develops new corded models. Current designs continue to be available for sale. But in the future, Dyson's uprights will be harder and harder to find.