Need help for two rescue cats from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Amsterdam the Netherlands

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Need help for two rescue cats from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Amsterdam the Netherlands

Post by PatriciaTau » Mon Aug 28, 2023 5:59 pm

Number of animals : 2
Breeds, weight, age: cats, mix bengal 10 months old and albino mix 5 months old
Health condition: good /reasonable
Heartworm status: n/a
Vaccinations: coming wednesday
Health certificate: non yet
Spayed/neutered: one yes, one not
Special needs: Albino cat is not allowed in the direct sun or look in direct sunlight, very sensitive

Name & contact for Receiving rescue/parties: Many people have rescued them, I adopted them and need to get them with me to Europe where I move back to, due to the doire situation here with an overload in animals in need , I want to take them home with me , but the airliner is putting them in the luggage for which I would have to pay a lot of money i cannot afford, not to mention they are not allowed to be together in the same crate
Are you able to deliver and pick up at the pilot's airport of choice, which may be an hour or more away: no , I am not, due to health issues i am forced to go back to Europe as I have no insurance here

Date ready for transport: October 1st
Additional info/situation:
I rescued with a few others two cats separately from each other and adopted them and I live in Mexico as an Expat from the Netherlands. i am forced to go back home and due to the overflow of animals in rescue centers and the many expats here already fostering and having adopted so many animals I cannot leave them here, nor do i want to cause I love them. Kanu was the sole survivor of a litter and found at 3 weeks old fending for himself, he is now 10 months old, half Bengal . Tau was rescued from the street with 3 siblings who all have been adopted and have happy homes, Tau was adopted by me. She turns out to be deaf and Albino, this means she is sensitive to the sun, and low immune system, she is deaf and therefore often oblivious to danger. She is white as an angel and she can't see depth, which makes her a bit clumpsy, there couldn;t be a worse country for her to live in than Mexico where it is always hot and sunny. Her eyes get irritated by the sun and her fur/skin is not just white like a white cat, it's fully devoid of pigment, so she is very sensitive to get burned by the sun and prone to get skin cancer.

I tried everything to get them with me on a flight, regulations have sharpened and in cabin is for AeroMexico not available for an over 6 hour flight, so the only place is luggage in the hold, but they also have to be separated from each other , even though they are very much bonded. I myself suffer fear of flying as is, and have health issues and financial issues and need to go home to survive myself .
KLM is not taking them in the hold and two cats on every airlines cannot go in the cabin with one person, I have tried everything and called a transport company , they are ridiculus expensive 1500/2000 USD ,so no option either. I just want them with me and not leave them out here on the street at 10 and 5 months old. I love them with all my heart.

How well does animal travel: Kanu is easily stressed, and Tau as written above with her issues just needs Kanu close, to support each other as they were already very stressed when I had to move twice. So having them fly separately for 16 hours (shortest flight with layover) is torture for them and in a luggage hold is even worse for 16 hours. So I am asking for help to get them to Europe . I know most here are focused on the US , but it's worth a try here, as we don't have these great rescues organisations as this continent seems to have, which spurrs me on to organise that , though EU regulations are more about making the big money on transporting animals, their wellbeing is secondary, clearly that counts also for Mexico.
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Re: Need help for two rescue cats from Puerto Vallarta Mexico to Amsterdam the Netherlands

Post by deeogee1 » Mon Aug 28, 2023 7:24 pm

I’m sorry but PNP can not help you at all. Our pilots only fly in the USA.