BOSTON: Urgently looking for foster / transport

Support such as ground transport, temp foster, promotional material, web help...
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BOSTON: Urgently looking for foster / transport

Post by sponsoradog » Sun Jun 17, 2018 11:36 am

Hi all,

I live in Turkey and rescue stray dogs here. I am urgently looking for someone who can help me out, hoping you might be able to!

I have two rescue pups who are trying to get to their new home in the US.. No-one in Turkey wanted them, but they have found a loving home in Tennessee. For three months we have been trying to get them there with no luck. We have been disappointed so many times by flight volunteers backing out last minute.. Now they finally have a shot at getting them to the US! I have found them a flight to Boston on Wednesday 20 June (they arrive in the evening).

What I need help with: I am looking for a volunteer who can
1 pick them up from the airport in Boston and foster them until we can arrange transport via Pilots and Paws to Tennessee
2 pick them up form the airport in Boston and bring them to New York or Pennsylvania, we have volunteers willing to foster/transport to Tennessee from there

Please if there is anything you can do to help it would be much appreciated! They have been waiting for so long to get to their new home, now they finally have a shot at getting there! If I can't make this work I honestly don't know when/if I will be able to get them to their forever home..

This is their background story in case you are interested! they were dumped on the side of the motorway in a cardboard box with the rest of their litter when they were only 1 month old.. My friend found them and tried to get them adopted, the male pups found a home but no-one wanted the females (females are seen as an expensive dog here as you have to neuter them to avoid having puppies, whereas if you have a male dog it is not your responsibility if it gets another dog pregnant!!).. She reached out to me because she was going to be forced to put them back on the street. That's when I stepped in and became their foster. They are 6 months old and very quiet and affectionate.

They deserve to be in their forever home so much, please let me know if there is anything you can do to help! Thank you!!!
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