Beloved kitty needs a ride home!

Support such as ground transport, temp foster, promotional material, web help...
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Beloved kitty needs a ride home!

Post by Lyssa555 » Thu Jun 13, 2019 3:42 am

My son had to relocate to the Seattle/Tacoma area w/o his beloved cat, 'baby'. 

My son was injured when he flew here with a badly broken collarbone & couldn't physically carry 'baby' onto the plane & arrived here totally heartbroken!

He had to leave 'baby' in what has turned out to be an undesirable/unsafe situation with an untrustworthy person!

He's all healed up & finally able to have 'baby' with him now, so we have to get him here asap!

I'm hoping to get 'baby' to Seattle @ least before my son's birthday on Aug 1st...
there's nothing he wants more in the world than to have 'baby' back in his arms!!!

Can you help?

I can help pay for ground transport fuel,
I already have a letter from my son's doctor that allows 'baby' to fly free as a companion animal.

I have friends & family who can meet you in Vegas @ your convenience.

I will provide a carrier, food, water, etc, for 'baby' for the trip.

You can email or pm me on Facebook.
Lyssa Foster
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