Anyone need a ride?

Support such as ground transport, temp foster, promotional material, web help...
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Anyone need a ride?

Post by jakehyphen » Tue Sep 29, 2020 2:31 am


I am a pilot that has done a flight for Pilots n Paws before. I am moving from San Luis Obispo, CA to Virginia Beach, VA on Oct. 1st. I will be driving across the country, and have a seat available if any furry friend needs a lift. As long as the pick up/drop off isn’t too many hours out of the way of I-40, I can do a transport if by some miracle one fits within the confines of that trip. I’m planning on being in Flagstaff on the night of the 1st, Oklahoma City by the 2nd, Nashville by the 3rd, and in Virginia by the 4th. If anyone has anything that fits there, you can text me at (541) 592-9035.

I doubt anything will fit so perfectly, but it would feel wrong not to offer.